The upender consists of clamping products for coil turning

[0006] A mushroom customs materials of explained personal-propelled stacker machine, whereby: explained frame is provided earlier mentioned subsequently give wheel extending aside of your discharge baffle.

[0007] A mushroom customs fabric of said personal-propelled stacker machine, recognized because: the back in the carrier mounted hands grasp.

[0008] A mushroom culture materials of said personal-propelled stacker machine, whereby: mentioned back carrier installed power swap.

[0009] The power product has some great benefits of:

[0010] This power product composition is not difficult, simple to use, can substitute the manual for fast and productive stacker, not simply reduces the labour intensity, and then for mushroom culture materials stacker standard, great result, and efficiently boost the job efficiency .


[0011] Body 1 is a schematic architectural view of the power version.

Distinct embodiments

[0012] Body 1 shows, one particular type of mushroom culture material personal-propelled stacker machine, which include rack I, Holder I installed inside of the electric motor

2, the spindle 3 and also the principal sprocket 4, the spindle 3 is placed on a plurality of sprockets 5, the engine 2 and also the production shaft through a sequence travel coupled to the spindle 3, the spindle 3 by way of a sequence travel connection with the key sprocket 4, the front of the carrier I Convert 4 is mounted together with the principal sprocket tire 6 linkage stacker, stacker wheel 6 equidistant submission of countless upender slurry 7, the spindle 3 – terminal linked to a travel with clutch 8 is mounted on the holder I generate with clutch 8 interconnection lever 9, the carrier shaft 10 is fitted the base I, the energy production shaft of your clutch system 8 via the gear set 11 as well as the push shaft 10 attached to the two stops of the shaft 10 operating wheel 12 is fitted, the base of the rack in 2 walk I rear tire 12 rotatably attached having a guide tire 13. Joystick 9 can control the generate axle 10 and the spindle 3 attaching or disconnecting.

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