The upender comprises clamping units for aluminum turning

CLAIMS(5) interpreted from Asian

1 flip vehicle maintenance upender machine side framework, features a base, distinguished for the reason that: explained basic is mounted on the chassis, the chassis installation a travel motor unit, the push electric motor is linked to an electrical power result terminal of the generate transmission, The production of the transmitting power measure of the strength productivity shaft is supplied, explained power output shaft is placed on both comes to an end of straight flip horizontal arm, the upender arm of the cross has two bundles to the side in the opening from the side picture frames framework strut, explained strut is installed on the side framework to the side framework strut securing left arm in said turn part framework strut transverse sealing system, a couple of stated side frame is supplied using a area strut frame locking device.

(2) as claimed in claim 1, where your vehicle-side upender restoration change structure, characterized in that: said transmitting indicates involves strength in the drive motor unit is drivingly attached to the gearbox output, the result terminal of said energy transmission gearbox connected to a worm products generate.

3, such as a vehicle according to claim 2, wherein said upender repair flip side frame, characterized in that: mentioned worm products and stated transmitting equipment implies comprises an electrical output terminal connected to a worm generate, the worm equipment meshes with the worm .

4 as professed in state 1, whereby the car-area upender maintenance flip frame, described because: explained part structure strut includes sealing indicates disposed inside the aspect frame strut and involving stated securing arm turn handwheel.

5 as stated in claim 2, 3 or 4, wherein the vehicle-area flip maintenance upender framework, recognized in this: said sealing indicates makes up area framework installed on one side framework as well as the area structure strut opening corresponding locking attach.

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Car repair turn side frame upender machine modern technology

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