The upender comprises clamping gadgets for copper coil turning

[0028] I chain 2 is installed on the motor production shaft and the axis of rotation of your travel wheel 3 between the I production for your motor torque is passed on for the push shaft 3 is rotated to get the driving wheel 3; spinning body 5 by using the driving a car tire 3 , the motivated tire 8 as well as the spinning wheel 9 rotatably installed on the stationary body 4, the push tire 3 is rotated to operate the turning structure 5 with regards to the fixed framework 4 for critical movements; the turning frame 5 is repaired on at least two rollers body 6, structure 6 is placed on the curler a plurality of roller 7.

[0029] The upender provides an automatic upender machine, auto upender machine if the mildew actually reaches a predetermined placement once the machine, start the productivity torque of your engine I, driven from the travel sprocket tire 2 push tire 3 is rotated therefore; drive tire 3 is rotated, motivated by rotation relative to the resolved body 5 for rotation framework 4, to ensure resolved in the rotary body 5 follower roller frame 6, body 6 is set around the curler roller 7 is rotated over the axis of rotation from the holder 5 rotation. According to the actual production needs to move for a variety of occasions flipping job requirements, through this transmission mode, turn the rack 5 with respect to the fixed frame 4 for 360 ?? continuous flip, and.

[0030] In just one desired embodiment, the push tire 3, the exterior periphery of the motivated wheel 8 are set to the initially toothed framework, the spinning frame 5 of the external periphery in the 2nd toothed composition, the very first construction and the 2nd tooth two meshing teeth construction, hence the way throughout the meshing teeth composition to operate the rotation of spinning body 5, the torque transmission balance, higher doing work stability.

[0031] Generate tire 3, driven pulley 8 is attached to the revolving frame 5 underneath the turning wheel 9 is attached in addition to the rotary frame 5. Traveling tire 3 along with the motivated wheel 8 to have the revolving holder 5 promoting function, establish the rotary tire 9 to enable rotation of the carrier 5 to preserve a predetermined trajectory to swivel relative to the fixed body 4.

[0032] resolved towards the revolving frame 5 has two tires in the frame 6, framework 6 two rollers arranged symmetrically. A plurality of rollers 7 Motion of your curler around the framework 6 are established a minimum of two lines, and curler 7 within the relative position in each row. As shown, the roller frame 6 can be arranged in two rows on the roller 7, each row 5 is provided with a roller 7.

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