The upender comprises clamping devices for steel coil turning

[0013] I rack on the top of the stacker tire 6 has extensive aside in the discharge baffle 14, the back rack I mounted hand grip 15, back rack I put in an electrical change 16.

The invention discloses an automated upender comprising a engine (1), a chain wheel (2), a driving a car wheel (3), a fixed rack (4), a spinning rack (5), curler shelves (6), rollers (7), a driven tire (8) and a turning tire (9), in which the chain wheel (2) is arranged among an productivity shaft of your engine (1) as well as a turning shaft of your driving a vehicle wheel (3) and is also employed for transferring second output by the electric motor (1) on the traveling tire (3) so as to generate the driving a car wheel (3) to turn; the spinning holder (5) is rotatably set up around the fixed rack (4) throughout the driving wheel (3), the powered wheel (8) and also the revolving tire (9); the driving wheel (3) rotates to be able to push the revolving carrier (5) to spin fairly for the resolved rack (4); at the very least two roller racks (6) are set on the turning holder (5); and a plurality of rollers (7) are set up on the roller shelves (6). The automatic upender has a simple structure, upending work stability and high moment transmission reliability; and an upending angle can be controlled according to actual requirements.

Statements(6) interpreted from China

1 A computerized upender machine, comprising a motor ¢?, sprocket ¢?, the driving a car wheel (3), resolved structure ¢è, turn the framework (5), the tire frame (6), rollers (7), pushed wheel (8) as well as the rotational wheel (9), where the sprocket placed on the electric motor ¢? ¢? result shaft and the axis of rotation of the drive tire ¢? involving ¢? to the motor unit torque is transported towards the productivity shaft (3) motivated by the traveling wheel (3) rotation; spinning structure (5) from a travel wheel (3), a powered wheel (8) and the rotational tire (10) rotatably attached to the fixed body (4), the driving a vehicle wheel (3) is rotated to make travel carrier (5) relative to the repaired structure (4) for rotational movement; the revolving structure (5) has at least two rollers resolved racks ?é), the curler frame (6) attached to a plurality of Curler ¢?.

(2) as professed in claim I where the automatic upender machine, distinguished in that the drive wheel (3), a powered tire (8) are positioned to the outer periphery from the initial toothed construction, the rotating framework (5) of your outer periphery two tooth construction, the very first composition along with the secondly teeth composition teeth proposal.

3 as reported in claim 2, where the automated upender machine, characterized for the reason that the generate tire (3), a driven tire (8) installed within the turning structure (5) below the turning tire (9) mounted within the turning structure ( 5) over.

4 as professed in claim any one of statements I to 3, the automatic upender machine, described in that the spinning structure (5) is fixed on two curler structure ?é), two curler frame (6) symmetrically arranged .

5 as professed in claim 4, in which the automated upender machine, in which a plurality of rollers (7) in the curler frame (6) was organized in a minimum of two lines, and the rollers (7) within a family member placement in each row.

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