The upender comprises clamping devices for copper turning

[0027] Talking about the drawings, the upender offers an automatic upender machine, such as the engine I, the sprocket 2, push tire 3, the resolved framework 4, revolving framework 5, the tire frame 6, the curler 7, the motivated tire 8 and a revolving tire 9, where

[0028] I sequence 2 is mounted on the motor output shaft and the axis of rotation of the generate wheel 3 between the I production for the motor torque is passed on to the drive shaft 3 is rotated to drive the driving a car wheel 3; spinning body 5 by way of the driving wheel 3 , the powered wheel 8 as well as the spinning wheel 9 rotatably mounted on the stationary supplies structure 4, the push tire 3 is rotated to operate a vehicle the revolving structure 5 with respect to the resolved frame 4 for critical movement; the rotating frame 5 is repaired on a minimum of two rollers structure 6, framework 6 is placed on the curler a plurality of curler 7.

[0029] The upender gives an automated upender machine, automated upender machine if the fungus actually gets to a predetermined place when the machine, start off the result torque in the electric motor I, pushed by the generate sprocket tire 2 push wheel 3 is rotated therefore; travel wheel 3 is rotated, driven by rotation relative to the resolved framework 5 for rotation frame 4, to ensure that repaired in the rotary framework 5 follower curler framework 6, structure 6 is defined in the roller curler 7 is rotated over the axis of rotation from the carrier 5 rotation. According to the actual production needs to move for a variety of occasions flipping job requirements, through this transmission mode, turn the rack 5 with respect to the fixed frame 4 for 360 ?? continuous flip, and.

[0030] In just one desired embodiment, the push wheel 3, the outside periphery of your driven wheel 8 are set towards the first toothed framework, the turning body 5 in the external periphery in the next toothed structure, the initial structure and the second tooth two meshing tooth construction, so the way through the meshing tooth framework to get the rotation of turning frame 5, the torque transmitting steadiness, higher working reliability.

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