The upender comprises clamping devices for coil turning

The utility design discloses a self-propelled upender of delicious fungus farming resources. The personal-propelled upender of the edible fungus cultivation supplies makes up a machine body. A engine, a main shaft and a principal chain wheel are set up in the machine body. A plurality of chain wheels are installed on the principle shaft, the engine is linked to the key shaft inside a transmitting mode, along with the main shaft is linked to the main chain wheel within a transmission method. An upender wheel linked with the key sequence tire is placed at the front of your machine body within a rotating mode, a clutch system is linked to a single conclusion of your major shaft in the transmission function, a surgical procedure rod linked to the clutch system in a transmission setting is established on the machine frame, along with a tire shaft is put in in the budget of the machine frame. An electrical power productivity shaft from the clutch system is associated with the wheel shaft in the transmitting setting via a gear set, highway rims are placed at two comes to an end of your tire shaft, and a manual tire is set up powering the 2 streets tires at the end conclusion of your machine structure. The personal-propelled upender of the edible fungus infection farming resources is simple in construction, easy to use and effective at replacing men and women to speedy and high-effectively turn within the supplies. Also the edible fungus cultivation materials are turned over evenly and good in effect, even though not only is labor intensity reduced. Functioning performance is successfully increased.

Statements(4) converted from Oriental

1 A mushroom tradition fabric personal-propelled stacker machine, comprising: a body, a holder fitted engines, spindle and the main sequence of mentioned plurality of sprockets placed on the spindle, The production shaft in the motor unit and the spindle by way of a sequence push attached to the major shaft through the primary sequence and sprocket linked pivotally fitted towards the body looking at a linkage with all the principal sprocket tire stacker, the stacker tire greatest several spread out slurry turn, drivingly attached to said a single conclusion of your clutch shaft, mounted on stated structure drivingly attached to the clutch lever, the foot of the rack shaft is installed, mentioned energy output shaft using a clutch system products class and hook up the travel axle, the axle comes to an end had been fixed with jogging throughout the structure at the end of these two rear rims rotatably installed to walk with a guideline wheel.

(2) according to claim 1, wherein an edible mushroom culture material self-propelled stacker machine, wherein: explained frame is provided earlier mentioned therefore nourish wheel stretching out to the side of any release baffle.

According to claim 1, wherein an edible mushroom culture material self-propelled stacker machine, characterized in that, 3: the back in the carrier mounted fingers traction.

According to claim 1, wherein an edible mushroom culture material self-propelled stacker machine, wherein, 4: said rear holder fitted energy move.

Explanation converted from China

One type of mushroom traditions substance personal-propelled stacker machine

Technological innovation

[0001] This power product relates to a stacker gadget, especially as being a mushroom tradition material self-propelled stacker machine.


[0002] currently available on the market and the production of delicious mushroom culture substance, largely yourself using shovels, rakes for cloning material, this conventional processing approach is not merely labour-intense, low efficiency, and stacker is not really uniform, the impact mushroom tradition substance the results.

Sensible new content

[0003] This application design is designed to produce an edible mushroom customs material personal-propelled stacker machine to solve the before art conventional manual stacker method not just effort-intense, very low performance, and upender substance is just not uniform impact the use outcome mushroom traditions substance problems.

[0004] To achieve the over subject, the present energy version upender followed is:

[0005] 1 type of mushroom traditions substance personal-propelled stacker machine, comprising: a body, a rack mounted motors, spindle along with the main chain of stated plurality of sprockets attached to the spindle , the production shaft from the motor unit and the spindle via a sequence push linked throughout the spindle as well as the primary sprocket sequence attached pivotally installed for the frame in front of a linkage with all the major sprocket wheel stacker, the stacker tire numerous just as spaced slurry transform, drivingly associated with stated one particular finish of your clutch shaft, placed on mentioned structure drivingly coupled to the clutch system lever, the base of the carrier shaft is fitted, explained power production shaft by way of a clutch system connected with the axle travel products set, each ends in the axle equipped with jogging across the body towards the bottom of these two back rims rotatably installed simply to walk by using a information tire.

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