The tyre packaging machine to overcome the existing automated equipment

In order to better understand the utility of new techniques, the content of which may be implemented in accordance with the instructions, and let the utility model for the above and other objects, features and advantages can be more fully understood, preferred embodiments cite the following characteristics, and with the accompanying drawings, described in detail below, [0027] The above description is only an overview of practical new technical solutions.

BRIEF DESCRIPTION tyre packing machine

[0028] Shape 1 is a tire of the energy model auto tyre packaging machine made from a schematic strategy view.

[0029] Physique 2 is definitely the utility design beneath stress device and clamping width adjusting product schematic.

[0030] Physique 3 is within the strain of your power version schematic part look at the unit.

[0031] Figure 4 is a handbook realignment of your energy version schematic aspect take a look at the device.

[0032] Shape 5 is definitely the intelligent change of your power model schematic area take a look at the product.

[0033] Physique 6 is the utility model tyre wrapping management construction schematic.

[0034] Physique 7 will be the energy design braking device schematic.

[0035] Shape 8 may be the identification of the power product with auto pasting gadget schematic.

[0036] Body 9 is definitely an elevation in the energy design and its particular related arm construction diagram.

Distinct embodiments

[0037] To further illustrate the utility model to reach the desired purpose effectiveness and utility of the technical means adopted, the drawings and the following preferred embodiments according to the present utility model of automatic tire packing machine to specific embodiments , effects, characteristics and structure, as described in detail later.

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