The technology of upender

I now assert:

1. An upender comprising a fellow member delivering a surface area for receiving a post, method for shifting mentioned memberin a pathway of movement determining agenerally correct perspective conical work surface of emerging trend getting an axis stretching at approximately 45 to the horizontal to thus transfer mentioned surface from a position in which said work surface stretches in a stated work surface to fit a pallet on which the article is supported.

2. An upender comprising a participant offering a work surface for obtaining a write-up, means for transferring stated memher in a pathway of movement determining a generally right direction conical work surface of trend owning an axis stretching out at roughly 45 for the horizontal to therefore relocate said surface area from a position through which siad surface area expands within a typically horizontal course in order that a write-up can be placed thereon to a placement by which explained surface area stretches significantly up and down upwards in accordance with explained horizontal direction, and aspect components engageable using the external periphery of stated post and movable with said surface for accepting the body weight of stated report as stated surface area is relocated from the usually horizontal path into a usually straight path, mentioned part components getting spread out from stated surface area to accommodate a pallet on what the content is guaranteed and having airplane surfaces likely toward each other to be able to be engageable using the peripheral surface area of cylindrical posts of varied diameters.

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