The { stretch wrapping machinery desiging with film carriage

2. To use in a folding and wrapping machine, a carriage comprising a desk, a entrance leaf hinged towards the entrance fringe of mentioned desk, a rear leaf hinged to the rear fringe of explained dinner table, a flap easy-to-open to the back end edge of said rear leaf, and a plurality of camera-followers predicting from every one of stated hinged factors at different angles.

3. The carriage of state 2 which includes springtime means for each of explained hinged factors resiliently tending to support each aspect in a predetermined relation to the factor from which it is actually backed.

4. The carriage of claim 2 in which every leaf is significantly L-molded in area transverse to the hinge axis.

5. For usage in the wrapping and folding machine, a carriage comprising a table offering a drastically horizontal, upwardly-offered work surface, a front leaf hinged to mentioned dinner table in front fringe of said work surface, a back end leaf hinged to mentioned kitchen table on the back edge of said surface area, all of said leaves together with a segment nearby stated work surface normally inclined downwardly and from stated surface area plus a distal surface area likely up- 3() wardly and from explained surface area, a dish for every of said foliage hinged to the distal side of its leaf and projecting to stated desk, and

sturdy indicates helping the totally free fringe of all of said containers.

6. The carriage of claim 5 when the cost-free edge of the holder connected with said top leaf is provided with abutment indicates disposed carefully adjoining the leading side of said table, and where the resilient path for explained plate generally works with stated holder benefit at an elevation previously mentioned explained work surface.

7. The carriage of assert 6 by which said abutment indicates includes a plurality of transverselyspaced straps based upon from mentioned tray benefit.

8. Th carriage of assert 7 in which explained bands are inflexible as well as in which every strap passes by through a slot in explained front leaf.

9. The carriage of assert 8 where each and every strap is curved upon an arc concentric with all the hinge axis of explained plate.

10. The carriage of claim 5 such as a flap hinged on the distal edge of said rear leaf and usually keen away and upwardly from said surface.

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