The stretch wrapping machine can hook up production

1.The machine adopts shipped in and the most advanced PLC programmable controller, With basic safety protection and alarm system gadget, Make sure machine high-pace balance, a variety of Configurations may be run around the touch screen quickly.

2.Adopt side sealing design, packaging length is no limited, The sealing line height can be adjusted according to the height of packing products;

3.The Securing blade adopt the us DuPont teflon coating ,contra –sticking, Substantial heat resistant alloy knife, the closing is not going to fracture, not coking with no cigarette smoke, no contamination.

4.Assembles 1 horizontal stretch wrapping machine and one erect sensor for your front door on the sealer you can actually switch over ,even for some slender merchandise, additionally it is very easy to pack them.

5.When pack different sizes of merchandise,it can be easy to change,do not need to to change any molds or any case creating device.

6.Adopts OMRON electronic temp controller with PID function, closing temperatures is very delicate and exact, can set temperature optionally, the cutter by itself features a defensive operate, steer clear of from harm the merchandise.

7.The machine can link up creation series and unmanned procedure




Maximum packing size

(L)No limited (W H))≤500mm (H)≤200mm

(L)No minimal*(W)450×(H)230mm

Max closing dimension

(L)No restricted (W H)≤550mm


Packing Rate

15~35 packages/Minutes


Electronic Source & Strength

220V/50Hz 3kw

380V/50Hz 16kw

Max Recent



Oxygen Pressure






All round Dimensions



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