The stretch hood machine is automatically taken to a standstill

Stretch Hood A is accessable with out a steps and platform. Upkeep function, for example transforming the cutting blades, or perhaps the closing bars, is now handled at floor degree. The user starts up a compartment for these particular pursuits, delivering free access to blades and sealing night clubs. The machine is quickly delivered to a standstill to safeguard the operator. This rapid entry capability helps velocity upkeep, and reduce the potential risk of malfunctions and accidents.

With just a couple of measures, and totally with out tools, the user can feed inside the film. This means considerable reductions to tooling and conversion times. The lightweight design of the stretch hood brings about reduced elevation as well as a more compact footprint.


An innovative, material pleasant film carry system rss feeds the earlier created film hood into the system. On its approach to the stretching and crimping device, the closing seam about the film hood cools down straight down so it could be crimped without having losing time. This removes the need for an energy-intense cooling down unit and time-consuming chilling. The pallets can be loaded in a reduced cycle time when concurrently guaranteeing improved wrapping overall performance and less power intake.

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