The steady sandwich board manufacturing

Polyurethane heat retaining material sandwich sections (rock wool composite sections) can be a new generation decorative wall structure roof and material material envelope, is regarded as the well-known out there a new generation of stainlesss steel building material. It features a constructing envelope and insulation that part, far more elaborate part, is a collection of envelopes, new and decorations wall heat retaining material building materials. Polyurethane composite table equipment features and functions of polyurethane heat retaining material composite panel creation range equipment units consecutively, is definitely the incorporation of mechanized, electric, chemical, hydraulic, temperature and pneumatic management and many other technological innovation by shaping, laminating, cutting and uncoiling preheat , stacking, curing, conveying, foam, cutting and cooling, packing multi purpose automatic generation line.

The Key Framework of Ongoing pu sandwich panel machine:

Board from the continuous sandwich panel production lines are a composite composition made up of two additional facings along with an insulating key. The key could be adaptable with Polyurethane, Nutrient Wool, Cup Wool, PIR, Phenolic or EPS. According to customer’s requirement with pre-painted steel sheets, PVC sheets, Aluminum paper or other similar supports, various profiles are available;

The ongoing sandwich solar panel production series features a large scale manufacturing potential. It allows a standard submission of the reactive mixture, a homogeneous occurrence, perfect physical and mechanical qualities. ;

Roof top panels, wall structure individual panels and doorway individual panels are created mostly of metal portion polyurethane and support insulation mass;

The ability from the ongoing line is 3-7m/min, length of the creation lines are 100m, the size of the final panel is 3-18m lengthy, 900-1200mm vast, 20-150mm thicker, the legitimate duration of twice belt conveyor is 24m, the entire strength is 300KW;

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