The solution shows the door packaging


Orbital stretch wrapper
Orbital stretch wrapper for wooden, panel, profile

The client’s requirement for the door packaging machine.


1 – Please see attached photos showing what we produce. As was mentioned in our conversation I am looking for a machine that will primarily wrap our insulation panels, but will also to a lesser degree be used for wrapping trims. I’ve filled out your chart below on the basis of the insulation panels assuming that at any given time I will bundle at least a few of them, however as you can see from the photos, most times the bundles are almost square.

When determining the opening size of the door and panel unit needed for the width + height, As an option, I would like to also explore what the additional cost would be if I were to purchase a machine that can also wrap bundles 48” x 48” (1220mm x 1220mm). I realize this would be a much larger machine and for my immediate needs today this isn’t necessary, but in the future we may have need to wrap bundles of door this size and so I would like to get a cost difference and your suggestion as to whether or not this is a good idea to consider at this time.

2 – We have typically been using door stretch wrap for the covering material.

3 – Our daily volume is fairly low in actual bundles per day that need to be wrapped, however if there is an option for a machine that has faster throughput etc., I would like to consider as I don’t want my staff standing and waiting for a door wrap machine unnecessarily long if other options are available.

4 – Both. For most door packages, the weight is such that they can be handled by hand and stacked, then moved with fork trucks.

5 – We would like the fully automatic machine. The ends don’t necessarily need to be closed as we have been thinking of placing a cardboard end over each end prior to wrapping. In addition, we would like to include cardboard corners in the middle of the bundles along the length to prevent damage to the product from fork trucks.

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