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At PACK EXPO, Schneider Electric powered ELAU Packaging Solutions shown the next technology of the delta 3 robot biceps and triceps for inserted apps in packaging machinery.

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The P4 robot signifies an entirely new style with a new 1.5 kg payload capability at 7.5 G velocity, when compared to the earlier 1 kg. At 3.5 G accel, its potential raises to 3.5 kg.

An optional rotary axis coil stretch wrapping machine is available to boost independence of motion. The travel end, housing and arms effector installing platter are common made of stainless-steel. The work envelope in the P4 is 1200 mm broad by 225 mm substantial.

Push choice can determine the Ip address scope and rating of integration: The P4s version with common servo motors and cabinet-attached drives is IP 65 rated for washdown responsibility. The P4i replaces standard servo drives with ELAU’s Intelligent Servo Components.

The servo units conserve valuable cupboard area and simplify cabling for programs where washdown is not needed. Servo segments blend hard disks straight on the engines. One particular fast-hook up crossbreed cable items network and power communication from your discussed power source within the electrical case.

With sight support, the coil wrapping machine can be employed for pick & spot software with randomly or merged item infeed. ELAU robotic remedies are appropriate for almost all normal perspective systems. A preprogrammed Cognex graphical user interface can further more lessen engineering effort when you use these preferred eyesight techniques.

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