The scope of stretch application

The scope of application:
A, use
Automatic box stretch wrapping machine is suitable for all kinds of goods. And chocolate, cookies and other materials pillow type packing after similar box packaging, and pillow type packing machine automatic line.
Two, characteristics
1, intelligence
Centralized control of the whole mechanism by PLC
Touch screen display various working status, fault display, operating instructions, production statistics, simple operation.
The material into the box in place of automatic shutdown
Material quantity is not enough, the automatic rejecting
Packing speed, when empty not wrap carton, reduce waste, improve production efficiency
3, durable
Easy to change the spare parts, the mechanism of durable design
4, security
The main drive with overload protection device
Three, the main technical parameters
The maximum production capacity
100 boxes per minute (according to the box size and decision)
Carton quality
250-300g/m2 (as the carton size dependent)
Maximum size of carton
Carton minimum specifications
Specification of power supply
Current power
Compressed air
More than 0.6MPa optional 2.2Kw air compressor
The shape size
The total weight
About 1.5T
Four, supporting language: A, B, English Chinese
Five, it can provide supporting device: device 1, date printer 2, and pillow type packing machine automatic line 3, automatic glue machine
Note: if users have special specifications, the company can be customized.
Cartoning stretch wrapping machine is set light, electricity, gas, machine integration of high-tech products. So that the equipment performance and the work efficiency is improved to a great extent. It realizes the quick box packing requirements, and still remains stable, reliable running state in the express.
The model is suitable for various specifications (also can be arranged in plastic bottled version) automatic feeding and box packing goods. Feeding mechanism of automatic adjustment, convenient in operation can be arbitrarily set the number needed to screen version of packaging box. Online material conveying, manual folding (1-4 fold set) and transmission, manual detection, carton forming and transmitting, and absorb the material into a box, carton, printing batch number two ends of paper tongue package (also can be used hot melt adhesive), lack of material removed and finished product output and the whole process is automatically completed.

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