The rotating speed of the winding arm

We can look at fpc1.

The packaging height of your load can be increased by expanding the packaging. At this time, we use the mast of 279 cm (110), replaced by 203 cm (80) mast. On the machine, we can see that there are about 220v – 50/60 haze 15 ampere added transformer. And if it’s in a low temperature environment, it’s very low temperature, it’s probably going to be lower than -1, C to -18 C(+ 31 F to 0 F), running in a corrosive environment. We don’t know what machine it applies to, and it is known by experience that it applies to machines that are exposed to chemicals such as salt and fertilizer. The rotating speed of the winding arm is allowed to be at the arm speed of 1-15 RPM for 15 RPM. Take a look at the note: in this option, the power roll tension addition is included, and the pre-stretching to 250% is also possible.

So, what’s its price? For now, its bottom price is $17,595.


Its biggest production speed has been greatly improved, can probably increased to 25 to 35 load/hrLoad size diagonal (suggest) 1930 mm (76 “), maximum load packaging Height2032 mm (80 inches), maximum load weight capacity

How does load handling work?

Arm speed, we also call it variable, 12 RPMWrap Arm Zone2280 mm(90 inch) Wrap Arm drive3/4 HP TEFC

What about the performance characteristics?

Below is its weight and size.

The weight of its ship is approximately 1,450 kilograms (3,200 pounds), 4370 mm, 3990 mm W, 3075 mm H, (172 “L x 157” W x 121 “H), its approximate size.

The following are our service requirements.

This is not applicable to dedicated electrical services.

We can also make sure.

The time of our warranty fpc2 is 3 years.


The rotating speed of the winding arm

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