the rotatable unit on the thirdly cable coiling machine

4. A technique as recited in state 3 comprising the additional methods of, following step (k), eliminating the aspect works with through the secondly coiling machine; taking out the area works with and shaft in the sleeve and protecting bands; reusing the side works with and shaft; and getting rid of the sleeve and safety jewelry.

5. A method as recited in claim 3 where move (k) is utilized by attaching a grip range towards the finish in the continuous versatile item, by linking the grip range to your rotatable unit connected with a 3rd coiling machine; and turning the rotatable system in the third coiling machine to cover the grip range into the rotatable system about the 3rd coiling machine, up until the grip lines are essentially fully filled through to the third coiling machine and also the continuous adaptable thing is actually completely uncoiled through the package.

6. An approach as recited in claim 5 comprising the further step (l), among methods (g) and (h), of disconnecting the rotatable model from the coiling machine, and disconnecting the package from your area can handle and shaft so that the package is separate and distinct in the coiling shaft, machine and side facilitates.

7. A technique as recited in assert 6 comprising the further more phase (m), involving techniques (h) and (i), of linking the package deal into a second kind of area works with and shaft.

8. If immersed in molten metal without leaving significant amounts of undesirable residues in the molten metal; and comprising the further step, after the traction line has been completely wound on the second hollow sleeve, of detaching the traction line from the continuous flexible object, detaching the coiled metal traction line and second hollow sleeve from the third coiling machine, transporting the traction line coil and second hollow sleeve to a plant for recycling of the metal of the traction line; and immersing the metal traction line coil and hollow sleeve in molten metal to melt the metal of the traction line coil and to burn the second hollow sleeve, a method as recited in claim 5 wherein the rotatable unit on the third coiling machine comprises a second hollow sleeve of material which burns.

9. An approach as recited in declare 3 further working with a plurality of bands of steel or established plastic-type, and wherein the protecting wedding rings have openings therein for receipt of your rings; and whereby move (g) is practiced by wrapping a plurality from the metallic or reinforced plastic material bands from the availabilities in the protecting jewelry, from the interior of the tubular sleeve and around the exterior of the defensive covering and affixing the comes to an end of your rings with each other inside a long lasting joint; and whereby step (j) is employed by cutting the bands and eliminating the protecting outer shell after the bands have been cut.

10. A method as recited in assert 3 where the ongoing versatile object is strength transmission line, and wherein step (k) is applied to replace a classic energy transmission line using the power transmission type of the coil in the sleeve.

11. A method as recited in claim 1 comprising the further more move (h) of detaching the rotatable unit through the coiling machine, along with the package in the side works with and shaft, to ensure the bundle is distinct and separate from the coilingmachine and shaft, and part facilitates.

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