The quality stretch wrapper system

Secondary horizontal stretch wrapper production line Description: The production line is completed food, pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic and other industries in a seed packing a single package product by a certain arrangement and number of automatic loading big bags, delivery sewing, plastic stacking output the unmanned automatic packaging process.
Secondary packaging production line consists of: the horizontal conveyor, double climbing conveyor, high-speed conveyor, automatic management charter, big bag automatic bag machine, automatic sewing machine, product conveyor, inverted plastic bag conveyors, palletizing system components.
Production workflow: automatic pouch packaging materials → → → horizontal conveyor → double climbing plastic conveyor speed automatic processing package delivery → → → Automatic Bag Sack Sack automatic sewing product conveyor sealing → → → inverted bag plastic pallet conveyor robot code stack storage.
Production line advantages:
1. The production line adopts Siemens PLC centralized control, LCD touch-screen operator interface.
2. The stretch wrapper system has a fault alarm display and alarm emergency stop function. Sack Automatic Double Bag machine automatically switches work, each plate can store more than 200 empty bags (bags or leather bag), automatic for bags, take the bag, a bag, folder bag, counting, filling, output, automatic sewing machine the whole process, and can automatically detect bag process, no bag, off the bag, do not open the bag and so on, and automatic alarm display, the device automatically alert emergency stop.
3. Simple operation, data storage adjustable to use, easy to switch, continuous production of safe and reliable.
Horizontal stretch wrapper Production line parameters:
1. Pouch packaging range: 100g ~ 5000g / bag;
2. Packing speed: 8-10 sack bags / min; pouch: 30 to 120 packs / min
3. Packaging Materials: Hard plastic bags or paper bags;
4. pouch arrangement forms: single row, double row, vertical column and so on;
5. Compressed air: 0.6 ~ 0.8MPa, volume 0.8 m3 / min;
6. Power voltage: ≦ 8Kw 380V ± 10% 50Hz

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