The pipe bagging and strapping machine requirement in india

This is with reference to our telephonic discussion & trail mail  for automatic strapping machine for pipes. Please make a note of my observation & submission:

1. The Industry practice is to promote & market One Side Socket Type Conduits pan India.

2. But in MAHARASHTRA 80% Sales is of Non- Socket type Conduits in Black color only.

3. There are mix demand for number of Conduits in one Bag. Entire Western India & Southern India demands a pack of 100 Conduits in one bag. And the cost of local transportation is calculated on per bag basis by the labor.

4. Whereas North & East demands 25 Conduits & 40 Conduits in one bag.

5. I suggest without increasing our cost if we implement Socket Type conduits 50 Number in one Bag, in case of both 20mm & 25mm Conduits. The market will accept it.

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