The panel packaging machine system can also be put in place for laminating EPS

production system has been developed from the MDI Timeless range to supply much more versatility in production with additional advanced technology while keeping exactly the same economical technique. The “FULL LINE” may be configured coming from a basic/entry level system to a fully optioned system to produce individual panels with Nutrient Wool primary material. It can even be upgraded to some constant straight injection series to the production of PUR and PIR individual panels without the higher money expenditure needed by the typical “European” style shot models

The MDI “Full Line” system enables manufacture of complex secret and architectural resolve design sections and incredibly strong trapezoidal board profiles not available on “Classic” outlines. With roll in, roll out underside forming bed choices additionally, it provides for fast changeover involving various panel profile methods.

The MDI “Full Line” is really a really modular and so totally versatile system exactly where specific components constitute the complete system with distinct independent stations/machines for pressing, gluing, trimming and forming and so forth.

The MDI systems Total Line system layout and options add the subsequent units

COIL Owners – Selections for coil managing range from simple mandrel type solutions to cantilevered pushed coil holders with coil vehicles.

Joints ROLL FORMING – The MDI Whole Specification Collection roll developing system is generating important joints for walls, magic formula fix and roof profiles within a portable aspect shift model. This complete collection roll-creating system is superior because of additional creating span and creating being done before any primary introduction.

Key Reloading – Options incorporate many different cores such as EPS and Vitamin Wool.

Key Finalizing – For primary cutting and sanding, and many others.

GLUE Program – MDI supply a variety of remedies such as cleaning and spraying systems.

LAMINATING Click – A variety of size Roller Presses are around for different range speed requirements or a Caterpillar Push for best laminating system.

Solar panel CUTTING – A range of panel decreasing methods including the MDI Common Bandsaw and Calm Knife reducing methods.

Board WRAPPING and STACKING- The Solar panel Stacking Solutions might be fixed with all the most up-to-date MDI made Panel Conveyor and Flipper Methods as required.

Additional Options

Seeing as there are many choices available on the MDI Whole Collection System make sure you e mail us to find out more

MDI Systems is undoubtedly an up grade to the full collection system which include caterpillar hit and total items driven roll foming techniques for that edge joints system.

The system is offered by MDI since the “classic” system for PU and PIR panel collections.

The panel packaging machine system can even be put in place for laminating EPS and Mineral Wool Panels.

Although MDI manufacture this sturdy board system clients also needs to look into in its place the MDI Techniques Complete Series for consideration.

The MDI caterpillar click could be incorporated into the MDI Systems Complete solar panel packing Series System for Laminated and Injected Foam Panels

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