The measurement parameters for packagine

The measurement parameters:
Weighing range 10-1000g
The weighing accuracy range 0.1-1.5g
Making bag size 50-370/80-240 (mm) (L*W*H)
The film width 500 (mm)
Packing speed 40-60bag/min
Power current 2.5/7Kw/A
Gas source pressure 0.4-0.6Mpa
Gas source consumption 0.4 Nm3/min
Frequency / voltage 50Hz/60Hz/220V/380
The power supply side of single-phase three wire
The outer shape size 1500*1580*2380 (L*W*H)
The whole machine weight 1200kg
The operation interface of 5.7 inches of liquid crystal display
Product features:
The 1: unit is composed of Stretch wrapping machine E type vertical packaging machine with coil packaging ten head weigher perfect combination, can be realized from the automation of the whole process of weighing, filling bag packaging;
2: the unit by PLC programming control system, servo power system, pneumatic operation system constitutes the core driver, through the LCD touch screen man-horizontal stretch wrapper machine interface from weighing to bag packaging products in the process of counting, date printing, nitrogen (exhaust), finished product delivery function etc.;
3: the packing parameter settings, changes are performed through the touch screen, touch screen memory and store 10 kinds of packaging machine parameters of different products, when replacement product can be used at anytime, without the need to re set;
4: this unit can realize the pillow type bag, needs to be made into a folding angle bag, punching bag, and even more bags;

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