The Martial Art Style Associated With pallet wrapping machine

2. The pallet build method of declare 1, further comprising:

a process in the programmed retrieval and storage program carriage configured to gradually safe the palletized levels even though the items are loaded into the pallet.

3. The pallet build system of state 2, where the computerized storage space and access system carriage contains a stretch wrapper.

4. The pallet create program of state 3, further more comprising:

a turntable disposed around the automatic retrieval and storage method carriage to spin the create pallet for stretch wrapping the items on the create pallet.

5. The pallet create process of state 2, further more comprising:

a turntable disposed around the programmed storage and retrieval process carriage to spin the pallet.

6. The pallet develop program of declare 2, additional comprising:

the top to bottom elevate process which include no less than some automatic retrieval and storage process crane masts on what the top to bottom raise rides.

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