The Martial Art Form Related With pallet wrapping machine

13. The pallet build program of state 1, where the robot left arm involves an end of arm device using a matrix of suction servings that shift up and down and have person valves related to the suction power mugs to individually actuate the suction cups.

14. The pallet build system of assert 13, in which the end of arm resource contains a part clamp moveable to engage an item attached towards the suction mugs to lower shear force as soon as the robot arm moves.

15. The pallet build program of state 14, in which the end of left arm resource consists of bare pallet hooks that happen to be configured to stress pallets to the programmed storage and retrieval system carriage from the racks.

16. A pallet develop program, comprising:

a carrier such as several top to bottom ranges with which items are stored; as well as a a few-dimensional automatic automatic retrieval and storage method such as a carriage on in which the goods from the carrier are filled to produce a develop pallet, a straight raise mechanism configured to move the carriage up and down involving the vertical levels of the racks, a robot arm configured to palletize those items from your shelves on the pallet, as well as a system in the carriage set up to gradually protected the palletized tiers as the products are loaded into the pallet.

17. The pallet develop process of claim 16, where the mechanism features a stretch wrapper.

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