the manufacturer producing the panel packaging machine with film panel screen solar panels

This invention will allow the slender film screen panel to be safely and securely shielded only using the packing panel wrapping line alone without having to use additional safeguarding unit, in contrast to the preceding art, as a result dealing with the difficulties that may arise because of the use of the extra safeguarding device, and lowering a cost-effective problem on the production organization which makes the slender film display panel by means of the half-finished merchandise, as a result boosting price competitiveness.

[14] Another object of this technology is always to present an panel product packaging range for packing a slender film screen panel, which has a means for horizontally packing slim film panel screen solar panels and stacking the packed panels in a number of levels, thus adjusting the elevation from the stacked panels to match the size of a storage area of travelling means possessing various height, and with a method for protecting the thin film screen sections without having a guarding unit or even a partition walls, as opposed to typical packing cases, thus raising the quantity of lean film display individual panels which can be bundled in one packing panel wrapping range, as a result lowering the number of shipments and decreasing transport expenses.

Technical Solution

[15] In order to accomplish the object, the present invention provides an panel packaging line for packing a thin film display panel, including a stacking frame which is open at a center thereof, and a seating step provided inside the stacking frame such that the thin film display panel is horizontally seated thereon. Helpful Effects

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