the manufacturer generating the panel packaging machine

[9] In the thorough explanation, once the thin film display panel as one half- done product is supplied to an assembly plant, the shielding products assembled to safeguard the lean film screen panel should be removed from the panel, thus simply being complex and inconveniencing companies. More, the guarding unit pulled from the slim film display panel is almost constantly discarded, so that it is uneconomical.

[10] Moreover, the production line creating the slim film exhibit panel and that is a fifty percent-done item have to mount the safeguarding device to each lean film show panel. Because of the output of the safeguarding product, merchandise pricing is elevated, thus lowering value competition .

The width of a space, which is defined in the packing box to receive the thin film display panel, must be increased, because of the protecting unit fastened to the thin film display panel to protect the thin film display panel which is a half-finished product [11] Further. Moreover, considering that a plurality of partition wall space understanding the panel space for storage includes a predetermined breadth, the number of lean film show sections which can be packed within the packing box is limited. Thus, this is certainly challenging for the reason that the amount of shipments as well as the transport prices are improved.

[12] Lean film exhibit solar panels into which sophisticated modern technology is released are frequently exported in another country. As a result, higher transport costs are received because of recurrent shipments. Disclosure of Creation Technical Issue

[13] Accordingly, the present innovation continues to be created keeping in mind the aforementioned difficulties occurring within the preceding art, along with an object from the provide technology is usually to provide an panel product packaging collection for horizontally packing a lean film display panel, that is created so that it is not necessary to moreover deal with the slender film exhibit panel made such as a half-completed item, and it is possible to enter the slender film exhibit panel in to a manufacturing line once the thin film screen panel is segregated coming from a transported packing container, hence improving productivity.

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