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10 Innovative Packaging Ideas
You’ve chosen the day for your big move, picked out your Seattle moving services, and now it’s time to get your precious household items packed. You might know exactly what you’re taking with you, but how do you make sure they get to their end destination in the same condition they started off? Follow these essential packing tips and make sure you protect your possessions as best as you can.

Nature has some amazing examples of “innovative packaging.” Consider the banana, the pea-pod, the kangaroo pouch, the pine cone – these are all examples of nature creating efficient packaging. Natures packaging is usually elegant and beautiful as well as efficient. There are shapes, colors and even steel coil packaging concepts that you can borrow from natures example. So next time you go for a walk in the woods, take a look around you and marvel at the innovative packaging created by nature.

If you have luggage boxes to spare, don’t send them off empty. Fill them with your clothes – it saves space and keeps your favorite wardrobe items in pristine condition.

coil master stretch wrapper
coil master stretch wrapper

2) As soon as you see lots being set up for selling Christmas trees, talk to the seller about setting up another table for selling your crafts. Some will charge you a daily/weekly rate for setting up the table – which you provide – or some will want a cut of the profits. Most will, however, agree to allow you to set up. Consider asking to pay a weekly rental fee for the table if you’ll be manning it, but plan on paying a portion of the profit if you want them to manage the sales. If you won’t be sitting with the goods, make sure you prepare an inventory list with prices, have him check off each item that’s sold, and – most importantly – have him show you his I.D. (Write down the info) before you leave him with your goods.

Before hitting the shutter release, ask yourself, “Can I move myself or the item to display the product in a better manner?” Sometimes just moving a few inches up or down or sideways can dramatically improve the photo.

The type of shrink wrap equipment needed depends on the size of the item to be shrink wrapped and how fast it needs to be wrapped. Some machines are designed to package items small like CDs; other machines package large boxes. Some machines can package a few items an hour, others hundreds. The larger, faster machines must often be permanently installed, whereas the smaller, slower, and cheaper wrapping machine can be easily moved.

He was an old Italian (are you getting the idea that I was right about it being a primarily Italian neighborhood?), and he was the one who taught me how to whistle. I don’t mean wolf whistles, I mean music. He showed me how to combine lips, tongue, throat, and cheek positions to make music with your breath alone. He told me that he was taught to whistle by a music teacher in Italy as a prelude to instrumental music lessons. The teacher reasoned that by making paking sample with your mouth you would have a better understanding of how to make music with an instrument.

It is very important, before making a purchase, to analyze current needs and future needs. Contact Office Zone for more information about shrink wrap machines.

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