The inverter in our stretch wrapping machine

Shock and Vibrations

Usually do not drop the inverter for stretch wrapping machine or uncover to immediate shock. Tend not to mount the inverter in an

region exactly where chances are it will be in contact with continuous shake.

Mechanised power to EN 60721-3-3

Deflection: .075 millimeters (10 … 58 Hz)

?Velocity: 9.8 m/s2 (> 58 … 200 Hz)

Electro-magnetic Rays

Tend not to install the inverter in close proximity to resources for electro-magnetic radiation.

Atmospheric Pollution

Tend not to mount the inverter within an atmosphere, which contains atmospheric contaminants

including dust, corrosive fumes, etc.

Drinking water

Be certain to web site the inverter far from possible h2o risks, e.g. usually do not put in

the inverter under pipes that are subject to condensation. Steer clear of putting in the

inverter where by abnormal condensation and humidity could arise.

Installation and cooling


The inverters MUST NOT be mounted horizontally.

The inverters may be fitted without the clearance at each side.

Allow 100 mm clearance above and below the inverter. Make sure that the cooling

vents within the inverter of the film motor are located correctly to enable free of charge motion of atmosphere.


To ensure the risk-free operation in the products, it should be mounted and

commissioned by qualified staff in full concurrence using the alerts put

lower within these operating directions.
Consider certain notice of the general and regional safety and installation

restrictions concerning focus on risky voltage setups (e.g. EN

50178), and also the appropriate regulations regarding the correct usage of tools

and personal defensive items.

The mains input, DC and motor terminals, can carry hazardous voltages even

if the inverter for stretch wrapping machine is inoperative; wait around 5 minutes to enable the unit to release following

switching off before carrying out any installation work.

The inverters can be attached surrounding to each other. When they are attached to

top of one another, however, a clearance of 100 mm must be seen.

IP20 defense for stretch wrapping machine is simply from primary speak to, only use the products

inside a defensive cabinet.

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