The hydraulic upender document and installation

I sent the drawing to my engineer area but this not shows electrical requirements and motor localization, we need this information to define area to install and wire power requirements

Francisco Gomez

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Hello Francisco,


Please check the attachment about  hydraulic upender.







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Subject: RE: RE: BL Confirmation

Dear Yoki


I sent your information to my engineer area but they need you draw on CAD of the hydraulic upender  to identify all of detail of the coil tilter example the hydraulic system its mobile that’s why we need dimensions to identify specific position

They have some questions about electrical data of the upender equipment and type of lubricant use and quantity

Please help us to have this information before the machine arrive in our facility to we can prepare electrical energy, please do not send print screen

Francisco Gómez
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To: Francisco GOMEZ; randal
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Hello Francisco,


The position of the tilter and hydraulic staion is changable and it is not limited.


The total power comsumption 7.5KW

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