The development of the palletizing station

was equipped by Fhope, and it’s able of handling kegs from ten to fifty eight L. At APB, equally 25- and fifty-L kegs are in generation, and these are generated at a utmost rate of ninety kegs/hr. States APB Production Functions Manager Anna Reid, “It presents us a great deal of versatility for the long run.”

The initially and last station on the new keg line is the Innopal RK 6 robotic, which handles both palletizing and depalletizing of kegs. Pallets made up of vacant kegs are unloaded by forklift truck and conveyed to the depalletizing station by a roller conveyor. Before the Innopal RK six picks up the kegs, the layers are centered. The Innopal RK 6 picks up two kegs concurrently, turns them, and then places them on a conveyor foremost to the exterior keg washer. The exterior washing course of action on the Innokeg AK 3 is carried out about several zones. The kegs are initially pre-washed with mixed water and subjected to intense cleaning with caustic just before traveling via a draining tunnel. Principal washing can take the form of combined water remedy, immediately after which the kegs are rinse sprayed with contemporary drinking water.

At the heart of the line is washing and filling, which is performed by an Innokeg Transomat 5/one. It manages the washing and racking approach with 5 active washing and sterilizing stations and 1 racking (filling) station. Prior to the kegs pass via the initially inside washing station, they are tested for leaks. This is also compulsory prior to just about every subsequent inside wash and the racking procedure. This is simply because a keg has to pass the leak take a look at to assure that it is effectively positioned on the pertinent treatment head. If the keg fails this check, it is cycled by way of all other stations but does not undergo any additional remedy. In purchase to test for leaks, sterile air is pumped into the head area of the washing or racking head. If the tension does not fall, the check has been handed.

Pursuing the leak check the keg is opened and a residual force verify carried out to guarantee that the keg and fitting are in order and have not been manipulated. Beer and cider residue is then blown out by sterile air. This is adopted by pre-spraying with mixed drinking water to rinse out coarse soiling from the keg, this kind of as thickened beverage residue. KHS employs a sustainable program, utilizing blended drinking water gathered from the very last very hot h2o spray during the washing method, with the consequence that drinking water, wastewater, and electricity are saved.

As in the pre-wash, the main clean employs a pulsed spraying method with the two caustic and acid. This provides an outstanding cleansing action on the within surface area of the keg (keg interior and riser pipe). This is followed by hot water rinsing to reliably get rid of any cleansing medium residue nonetheless clinging to the keg and by a last blowout of the sizzling drinking water residue with steam. This the two sterilizes the keg and displaces any residual oxygen, making the best possible circumstances for the ensuing racking course of action. All inside washing processes are regularly monitored by the two-part strain and moist/dry sign probes.


When the keg is disconnected from the ultimate washing station, the fitting closes instantly to ensure that the keg remains sterile. Ahead of the racking course of action begins, the kegs are blown out to take away any remaining condensation and then pressurized with carbon dioxide.

The DFC (Direct Stream Control) filling program is utilised to rack the kegs. This is based mostly on volumetric movement manage and has been established several times in excess of in realistic operation. The major plus level of this program is that it is commonly ample to pressurize the keg to a pressure that is marginally greater than the diploma of CO2 saturation of the beer. Compared to classic racking devices, this filling technologies minimizes the consumption of carbon dioxide by up to forty%. At the very same time the immediate management of the racking approach by a regulator valve on the solution feed brings excellent precision. Product reduction is as great as non-existent, as are underfilling and overfilling. What’s a lot more, the specific management of the volumetric circulation at the start of the racking approach results in incredibly very low oxygen pickup. Reid points out. “Quality drinks call for quality technology. The factor of lower oxygen pickup in the solution is completely vital for us to ensure that we generate a substantial-high quality conclude solution.”

Racked kegs are sent to the whole keg scales, with “bad” kegs then channeled out routinely. “Good” kegs are despatched on to the Innopal RK six, which now functions as a palletizer, buying up two kegs at 1 go ahead of turning them. It then passes them on to a capper prior to positioning the load on the complete kegs pallet.

The multitalented Innopal RK 6 is incredibly versatile and generally adjusts its actions to match the scenario on the line. If, for instance, the entire keg area is becoming crowded, it will very first palletize entire containers. If there are not enough vacant kegs in the program, the robot will change its concentration to depalletizing. An intelligent logic controller sets priorities, thus ensuring a ongoing keg stream in the line and related substantial technique effectiveness. Suggests Reid, “We’re really delighted with this robot system’s substantial precision.

“At the minute,” she continues, “the new keg line is jogging just one to two days a 7 days. As demand from customers for the company’s beer and cider products in kegs grows, this will alter. We look at it a great gain that we’re presently able to scale up our functions at any time and generate more kegs when desire requires. If needed, a next Innokeg Transomat 5/one can simply be included to the line. The KHS procedure technologies built-in into the line is very effectively in a position to cope with this, as are all the peripherals.”

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