The current invention concerns improvements in intelligent models for wrap packing machine 2014-06

6. A machine for creating and conditioning for packaging a tamale product and stuff like that comprising means for constantly wrapping and extruding the product into rod-like develop, methods to constantly obtain and show said rod-like develop longitudinally ahead, way to sever the rod-like form when backed on mentioned receiving signifies, mentioned rod-like kind getting severed into pieces of chosen duration, another methods to acquire said severed pieces to go on to show explained items longitudinally ahead and also to space them one particular from another, and acquiring way to group chosen quantities of said lengths for pack- 821 8- ‘I. A machine for generating and conditioning for packaging a tamale item and the like comprising method for continually wrapping and extruding the item into rod-like develop, pushed methods to continually get and show said rod-like develop longitudinally forward, stated powered signifies shifting forwardly with the exact same speed since the item is extruded, way to sever the rod-like kind into pieces of picked size, motivated space methods to separate the severed measures 1 from an additional, mentioned space means simply being placed to express the severed items longitudinally far from stated first known as powered implies much more quickly than mentioned materials is extruded, and getting methods to class chosen variety of the span for packaging.

8. A machine for generating and conditioning for packaging a tamale item and so forth comprising method for constantly wrapping and extruding this product into rod-like type, stated extruding means including a products push to positively extrude a assessed quantity of the merchandise, means to constantly convey and receive stated rod-like type longitudinally ahead, motivated way to sever the rod-like form into items of determined length, the driving a vehicle means for mentioned severing said and means products push being absolutely intergeared where the extruded rod-like kind is cut into predetermined measures of analyzed amount, spacing means to different the severed measures, and obtaining way to class picked amounts of the measures for packaging.

9. A machine for producing and conditioning for packaging a tamale merchandise and so on comprising method for consistently wrapping and extruding the merchandise into rod-like form, way to continuously acquire and show mentioned rod-like form longitudinally frontward, way to sever the rod-like kind into pieces of determined span, motivated spacing ways to receive the severed items to communicate them forwardly inside a course parallel for their longitudinal axis and that the pieces are estimated longitudinally into place, a conveyor signifies disposed at appropriate facets with regards to explained powered spacing methods to have the spread out sections becoming provided from stated space signifies as they drop by way of space following departing the end of explained spacing means, an angularly disposed plate positioned involving mentioned space means and said promoting way to find the projected pieces to help them on to mentioned promoting means,

plus a acquiring desk cooperating with explained promoting means, stated acquiring table experiencing signifies associated therewith by which picked numbers of the measures of said sections can be collected for packaging.

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