The control and operation for packing


The forklift driver will get the information where to put the pallet of the delivery unit in the warehouse on a screen above the delivery unit.
The temporary label is scanned and the pallet is weighted at the output buffer conveyor, with a link to the already existing warehouse management system. At that point also the final warehouse position is known by the packing line. When this pallet reaches the delivery position, the warehouse position is shown onto the screen to the forklift driver. This is possible because the sequence of pallets does not change.
Final labelling can still be done at warehouse (to keep current way of working).
If the vacuum check failed then the screen will indicate this to the forklift driver (e.g. red screen). The screen will also indicate how many pallets are still on the output buffers.


3.9 Plastic Wrapping Unit塑料缠绕膜包装机
This unit is used for the wrapping of the simplified packing.This is an automatic machine with wrapping foil turning around the pallet. The pallet remains stationary while being spirally wrapped. To have a splash proof packing the machine can be equipped with a top sheet applicator. In that case also a top sheet gravitator is needed to keep the top foil in position during wrapping.

3.10 Electrical cabinet电器柜  
• For the entire installation there is one single control switch cabinet.
• Voltage : 3 x 400 V / 50 Hz – 3 x 460 V / 60 Hz.
• The cabinet is built according to IEC204. It consists of cells set up the one beside the other (2.000 x 600 x 500 mm). Each element has a door, lifting lugs and a removable socle cover. The doors are closed by means of a special-purpose wrench. Protection of the cabinet is IP54.
• The installation is fully PLC-controlled. As PLC Rockwell Controllogic processor must be used,the PLC is provided with :
o CPU processing unit
o Digital input modules (24 VDC)
o Digital output modules : 24 VC (transistor outputs) or 220 VAC (relais contacts).
o Racks and power supplies
o Communication cards
o The necessary software
• On the platform, close to the vacuum unit, there is a control panel installed. This control cabinet is foreseen with a color screen and all necessary push buttons. Push buttons and signal light have a diameter of 22 mm.

电压:3 x 400 V / 50 Hz – 3 x 460 V / 60赫兹。

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