The coil wtapping machine adopts shipped in PLC automated controller

Machine Size£o7300*4100*3300mm

Voltage/Power: 380V50/60HZ3.5KW

Palletizer: L1200*W1200mm

Ability: 15-25bags/minutes

Elevation of Heap: <2000mm
Table Height: 500?à50mm
Machine Measurement: 7300*4100*3300mm

Robot palletizer might be widely used in packing and palletizing of plastic, beverage, chemical, other, food and beer businesses, in whose composition is simple, so it might be an easy task to preserve and fix. With significantly less principal elements pieces and much less extras, the constant maintenance pricing is extremely low. Installed in the thin room, robotic palletizer can be used properly. All the handle might be operated around the handle case display which is really easy to use.

Devices Illustrates:

1.The machine adopts brought in PLC automated control and also the man-machine program screen handle system, which realizes incorporation of your machine electrical power and fuel. It offers guide or auto optional functionality.

2.An entire list of products has excellent look with careful operate, easy construction and-high quality materials.

3.The belt of whole equipment utilizes shipped in premium quality leather material buckle with top and up, down and back tensioning belt adjusting device. Driving electric motor adopts CPG Motor unit designed with regularity converter to adjust speed. The distance between products is precise, making confident the carton inputs counting accurately.

4.The machine is equipped with multiple-covering alarm gentle which has wrong doing prompt functionsand this system design is reasonable. It will instantly stop working as soon as the devices are in failing. If there is lack of material or the abnormal failure, the equipment will alarm or stop working automatically, in the case of equipment operation.

5.Devices has tidy and clean appearance, along with its work surface has become protected lacquer. Its color depends on the numerous needs of customers and also the collocation of your commitment. The machine utilizes company servo electric motor that makes the packing job stable and reliable.

Machine Parameters:

1)Packing Speed:12-25cartons/min

2)Carton Size:based about the demand of clients

3)Pallet Size:based around the need for clientele

4)Palletizing Way: depending on the need for clients

5)Voltage:about 6Kw

6) Pneumatic:0.6~.8Mpa

7)Power: 380V

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