The coil wtapping machine adopts brought in PLC programmable control

Material:Carbon steel

Palletizing Speed:2-4Layers/min

Palletizer Size:L1000-1200*W1000-1200mm

Palletizer Height:200-1600mm

Power:220/380V, 50HZ


Machine Dimension:L7300*W4100*H3500mm

Main Parts

Brand Name Host to source

Principal Motor unit SEW German

Servo Panasonic Japan

Other Electric motor CPG Taiwan, The far east

Seizure Swap Shendian Taiwan


Touch-screen Tong Thai Kunlun

Switch Operation Chint

Air conditioning contactor Schneider France

pneumatic cylinder SMC Japan

solenoid control device SMC Japan

Displaying NSK China

Extent of app: this machine is designed for on the smooth goods.

1.The handle program adopts Japan’s matsushita PLC, provided with PlOFACE big Digital display screen.

2.The guy-machine program, easy to function

3.Japanese 5-stage stepping engine regulates sending out the label.

4.The machine is made from SUS#304 stainless and aluminium alloy.

5.Labeling rate and conveying velocity are synchronous.

6.Can epuipped with automated bottle-into-turntable of dia. 650mm.

7. Very hot soup inkjet printer is adaptable.

Technological guidelines:

Modl: KT-210

Brand size: AType/10-120mm,CType/10-180mm

Tag size: 10-300mm

Content label materials size: 25-150mm

Roll inside size: 76mm

Roll Outdoors Size: 360mm(Max.)

Velocity of sending tag: 12-25MeterperMinute

. The control system adopts China Mitsubishi PLC, built with PROFACE big Liquid crystal display individual-machine graphical user interface.

2.50 set of guidelines storage, making the operations more quickly

3. The machine is made from SUS# 304 Stainless steel aluminum and steel alloy.

4. Conveyor buckle, guide company and pressing left arm adopt synchronous style to guarantee labeling smooth and accurate.

5. Japanese 5 various-stage moving electric motor manages mailing out the tag.

6. Synchronous progressing and regressing joint institutions can steer clear of atmosphere bubbles and also the growth of facial lines.

7. The machine comes with double position adjusting device

8. According to the size of bottle by angle adjuster the angle of label head can be adjusted. The maximum tweaked education is 15.

9. Very hot broth printer could be picked to work alongside the machine.

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