The clear space static

The clear space static complete box adopts SUS304 stainless because the materials for inside, and cold rolled metal or SUS304 for exterior product entire body as well as the two doorways. The density of the stainless is 1.0mm. On the other hand, the merchandise comes with the Taihu ultraviolet light with the strength of 10W and the wavelength of 254nm. It could obtain the perfect sterilization effect. In addition, the inserted kind installing of ultraviolet light fixture can reduce the get in touch with chance of provided posts and uv light pipe to ensure safe use. 

Technological Specifications coil packaigng


KindExterior Dimension (W×D×H) (mm)Inside Aspect (W×D×H) (mm)Comment


Digital Interlock






Vibrant Type


Material: Stainless steel SUS304


Front door Management Technique: Technical/digital durable, interlock and stable


Higherpressure centrifugal enthusiast specialized for purification is set up on the top of pass package.


Provide/give back air program with stainless-steel packagingatmosphere shower nozzles on top, .45-.65m/s of air flow velocity.

5. Tertiary

purification with pre-filtering, medium sized filtration system, and low-clapboard Hepa filtration system.Effectiveness: H14, ≥99.995Percent @ .3 micron particles.


Air flow provide on top and atmosphere come back at the base, cleaning away from dirt and debris particles from materials exchange. It permits supplies to be transferred involving the clear area along with other elements without damaging the hygiene amount of the products or supplies, and in addition guard the surrounding region clear.


Soft switch control over UV fan, power and lamp door open up, and establishing.


Point of view house windows for both sides of doorway, exceptional surface area flatness and smoothness without welding place. Power source: 220V/50Hz; Complete Strength: .35KW

9. Arc

formed internal bottom part which is to prevent developing dirt, assures the beautifulness and simple maintenance.

10. This

air shower successfully pass box includes one differential strain measure.

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