The automatic coil packing and strapping equipment

The bundle is going to be located from the user at risk curler conveyor. In order to incorporate a cardboard protector so then the strapping machine will apply the strapping on the applied protector, once the package is placed, the conveyor will displace the package of bars to the packing position. The owner will choose number of cardboard protectors and straps must be applied to each and every deal.

Once every one of the straps happen to be done, the package is displaced to the conclusion of the line therefore the operator can eliminate it while using crane.

The automated strapping machine is able to do the transversal strapping with steel or polyester strap.

The strapping series may be tailored for the accessible place along with the options that come with the individual?ˉs collection with out issues.

the strapping position along with the strapping machine functions first transversal strap on the deal. Once 1st strap is performed, the package deal will likely be displaced to other strapping positions therefore the strapping machine is able to do remainder of bands.

The automatic strapping machine is able to do the transversal strapping with metal and polyester strap.

The strapping machine might be modified to the offered room and the features of the customer’s collection without having issues.

In order to perform 4 radial straps at the same time, the strapping machine is composed by 4 automatic strapping heads.

The elevator displaces the coil towards the radial strapping place. When the coil is guaranteed about the framework from the strapping machine is when begins the strapping method in auto setting. Then the horizontal compactor press the wire coil to the tension required by the individual after which is when are performed the four bands at the same time. As soon as the straps are already carried out, the strapping machine get back to its original place and the escalator lifts the strapped coil and displace it to the stop of the collection.

The automatic strapping machines is able to do the circumferential and radial strapping with stainlesss steel or polyester strap.

This strapping machine may be modified towards the features and space from the customer’s series without issues.

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