The Autobag PaceSetter collection of bagging machine

An expense-successful option for low-quantity travelling bag packaging

The Autobag PaceSetter line of baggers offers a cost-effective answer for palm weight travelling bag filling and sealing apps. The HB-number of PaceSetter baggers can be found in about three designs, every showcasing convenience, simplicity of use, and adaptability for reduced-volume bagging machine functions.

PaceSetter HB-series baggers operate at speeds from 10 to 20 bags per minute by presenting a pre-opened bag for fast and convenient hand loading. The all-electric, table design fails to need compressed atmosphere to work, as well as the tiny footprint frees up important factory space. PaceSetter styles can include intelligent or guidebook bag indexing, along with an incorporated manual or OneTouch? heating sealer. A product fill holder and non-obligatory funnels add increase and convenience bag packaging speed.

The basic, ergonomic bag source portion of the PaceSetter bagger makes it possible for quick and easy travelling bag changeovers. PaceSetter baggers support a variety of case sizes and materials, that are readily available in a range of inventory or personalized types. Special case functions, such as hanger slots, vent pockets or headers are also available.

Making use of process-matched Autobag pre-established totes-on-a-roll, the PaceSetter HB-group of table baggers provide a functional and cost-efficient fingers weight packaging option.

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