The apparatus of orbital stretch wrapping machine 8

Rotatable turntable stretch wrapping machine starts to swivel and packaging material 116 is dispensed from dispenser 102 about weight 124. As packaging material 116 passes over packaging material holder 110, wheel 41 engages the lower edge of the packaging material, ensuring that the packaging material passes over packaging material holder 110 and does not become caught on it. This eliminates a “tenting” result and permits restricted wrapping in the weight. Fill 124 is spirally twisted with packaging material 116 as dispenser 102 goes up and down coupled mast 104 since the general rotation is supplied.

See Fig, as the load is wrapped and rotatable turntable 122 enters the last rotation of the wrapping cycle. 6, a pin 130 mounted on a non-rotating section of turntable construction 120 is actuated with the control, relocating from your non-up-right placement for an vertical situation. As the turntable 122 rotates, pin 130 engages engaging element 134 of cog 132, located on top of rotatable turntable 122 of turntable assembly 120. Pin 130 triggers cog 132 to advance upstream (inside a route opposing for that of your rotation) over the leading area of rotatable turntable 122 of turntable assemblage 120 as rotation proceeds.


As cog 132 moves, the movement causes cam follower 158 to move up onto the top of ramp 150, to the start of downstream path 152. When camera follower 158 moves to the peak of ramp 150, jaws 112, 114 open, instantly issuing top rated end portion 30 of packaging materials 116 (see Fig. 7). Moreover, dispenser of stretch wrapping machine is turn off to tension the film among stress 124 and dispenser 102.

As cog 132 moves, it drives jaws 112, 114 downstream along a downstream path 152 of ramp 150. Concurrently, scooping aspect 140 starts to move from your retracted situation to a upright placement, scooping a trailing conclusion 32 of packaging substance 116 right into a rope 118. As stretch wrapping machine consistently transfer downstream, they keep available, acquiring trailing stop wrapper of packaging materials 116 shaped into rope 118 as scooping component 140 reaches its full erect position (see Fig. 8). As cog 132 reaches the upstream end of packaging material holder 110, cam follower 158 reaches the end of path 152 and rolls off the end of ramp 150, causing jaws 112, 114 to automatically clamp shut on and grasp trailing end 32 of roped packaging material 116.

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