technology to build a machine

It is an object on this invention to construct a machine modified to receive a tire guaranteed therein in top to bottom placement ongaged from the eyes of the shuttle which bears wrapping material so that if the machine is driven the wheel s induced to rotate throughout the vision of your shuttle and likewise the shuttle rotates through and around the wheel, and a helical wrapper is therefore utilized on the wheel. I

It is also an object of the innovation to create a machine wherein the supporting and driving method for the wheel are adjustebly installed to place auto tires of several dimensions correctly with respect to the shuttle, that is,

slightly eccentric with respect thereto to present the rotating wheel a. lead, resultiflgwv in the effective use of the paper strip’ thereto without twisting from the paper.

-It is additionally an important obyect with this invention’ to build? a. machine tailored to .reneive tires of numerous dimension therein, and

to rotate exactly the same synchronously using a shuttle involved. with the eye of your tire and having a reel of wrepp g’material, which happens to be directed using a suitable older! do vice and around an rammes;

1. Within a wrapping machine from the course described, connectcd systems at the same time and differentially variable for strong ing and turning an annular report, plus a papnr carrying shuttle adapted to spin throughout the vision of your article. to apply a spirnl wrapping thereon, mentioned shuttle positinned forwardly of ihe heart from the wheel,

In a wrapping machine of your type de scribed a fra tic, piv-nollv n’nnlnted grooved assisting: and drivinr: rollers to obtain an annular write-up therein. operative connectionshetween .ltl rollers by which the some may possibly lie. rwum; ..iniullcuemiely into various roles of change, said connections organized to result. a diflerent amount of motion for each of said rollers. and a strength powered papers hauling shuttle rotntable with the eyes of your report within the machine to utilize a spiral papers Wrapping thereon. said shuttle set up with respect to said no that this shuttle positiona “ran-“r .iii” th crntrr of Il r .Tz HH in 3: 3 Within a wrzip ilinzr ma hine oi the rims d s r mattress .iinulunarti .s implies assistance v uarrhanieni ior ppin he]? *on, mentioned ii m ws renzni iaiimj u Lini..lz”rw”ii”, am. s: my and differeniialiy alljustzizbic t keep the a fivancfc connection between the artiulr and chuttlc in all adjuslmen or explained. implies.

In a gadget in the class detailed means eupportin g and spinning an annular item, a shuttle modified to rotate thrmigh the attention thereof to apply a paper wra iping thereon, a movable countcrweighted system adapted to learn from: the annular ohject to give a string thereto below the wrapping being wl’fit hc l tlnprcwTh and indicates connected with mentioned m. “imam for severing the string after the Wrapping procedure.

5. Inside a machine oi the category detailed device rotating and supporting an an- 05 nular object, signifies revolving a paper having shuttle thercthrough to make use of a wrapper thereon, counterweighted movable means displaying versus the object behaving to primary a string being covered thereagainst underneath the wrapping variable gu ding mechanism for your report, a cutter for severing the st band, and mcansior instantly coming back said cutter to normalcy.

6. In the system of the type described a 76 structure, swingingly mounted grooved rollers thereon to support an article to become Twisted, a. counter’wcightcd string grinding mechanism disposed thcrcbetivccn and hearing up against the report operating to immediate a string towards 80 this content to be Covered therewith. mechanisin revolvin the shuttle from the eyes of the report s ghtly before the heart closely and thereof nearby explained string helping system to make use of a Wrapper $5 thereon, and operative links between explained grooved rollers to outcome a diiierential movements thereof once the identical are modified.

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