pallet wrapping machine for cement bag

pallet wrapping machine
pallet wrapping machine

Bottom Boards on the pallet will be: Perpendicular As noted in drawing(s) below:
Figure 2 – Possible Pallet Orientation at 90⁰
Figure 1 – Pallet Orientation
REF.: 16CC006 Pallet Stretch Wrapper

Figure 3 – Plan View-Pallet Flow
Interface requirements of the Stretch Wrapper:
1. Interface with Host PLC (by BCS) to provide the following equipment statuses:
i. Conveyor ready to receive
ii. Conveyor not ready to receive – Pallet queued, waiting wrapping
iii. Equipment wrapping
iv. Equipment fault
v. Equipment e-stop active
vi. Wrapper fault
vii. Wrapper film empty
2. Interface with Host PLC (by BCS) to allow for the following inputs:
i. Pallet request for transfer (infeed)
ii. Pallet transferring
iii. Pallet transfer complete
Interface to have OPC connection to ethernet.
Hardwired interface for Estop Category 3.
Ability to house Asi (interface nodes for Estop and Operational signals above), nodes supplied by BCS.
Specify lead time from placement of order
1. Manufacture
2. Shipping to Melbourne metro (if applicable)