Our innovation relates to products for wrapping tubing

Our invention pertains to devices for wrapping tube using a website of safety substance like felt, papers or maybe the like. It really is adapted specifically for wrapping tube preparatory for laying mentioned water pipe in ditches, like in tube line Are employed in oils areas; h2o or fuel mains in towns, and other conditions.

To correctly guard the water pipe from rust and electrolytic measures it is traditional to layer the water pipe with many corrosion-resisting ingredient including concrete as well as then place the sensed or paper spirally regarding the pipe and nally color the pipe therefore Covered with one more coating. Machines have previously been devised for this purpose, but such machines are costly and are not conveniently transported over rough ground. It is an subject of our own invention to provide a light-weight and easily transportable gadget for Wrapping a web or Webs of safety fabric in regards to the tubing.

Also, it is wanted to supply a product That is reinforced after the tubing on its own which is counterbalanced and simply rotated around the tube to complete the Wrapping operation.

ice cream sandwich wrapping machine is disclosed from the kind

Information Of Your PREFERRED EMBODIMENT The most preferred embodiment from the a few tined pushing system is shown in FIGS. lAof and 1 the drawings. The most preferred embodiment in the stop tucking hands is illustrated in FIGS. 3 and 5 of the drawings.

Having entirely described this new and unique creation we assert:

1. An frozen goodies sandwich wrapping machine for taking ice cream sandwiches from your multi-slotted depositor and rapidly wrapping the patient soft ice cream sandwiches in afoil or the like, stated wrapping machine comprising a conveyor comprising a pair of endless spaced separate moving tracks with grabs evenly spaced separate with the monitors to take part and shift frozen goodies sandwiches using the movement of the tracks; method for shifting the couple of monitors inside the identical direction and speed in the direction of an elevator; a three tined pusher, mentioned a few tined pusher finding the 3 tines thereon evenly spread out in regards to the middle thereof and getting circumferently spread out apart at their exterior most details a range roughly comparable to the areas between the equally spaced away from each other catches, and said tines curving far from tor, stated tines using a circumferential velocity drastically exactly like the linear rate in the relocating monitors; an escalator, mentioned lift in their minimized place developing a platform drastically despite having and carrying on with the upper part of the moving monitors, and said elevator possessing a program part thereon significantly the identical dimensions as one part of any ice cream sandwich; path for moving the elevator down and up in timed romantic relationship to the other moving areas of the wrapping machine; means for putting a predetermined piece of wrapping substance on top of the elevator; a form positioned specifically higher than the escalator; path for transferring the lift upwards to the form to push the front and rear of any wrapper downwards across the sandwich; a back tucker for tucking the wrapping material round the rear of your soft ice cream sandwich; a area tucking apparatus, mentioned area tucking device comprising a pair of dishes disposed on either sides in the elevator with explained plates having availabilities therein and method for relocating a set of conclusion tuckers through the opportunities to make the wrapping substance under the stops from the frozen goodies sandwiches; and means for moving frozen treats snacks away from the elevator and onto a conveyor and thereby tucking the top part of the wrapping material under the frozen goodies sandwich.

The { stretch wrapping machinery desiging with film carriage

2. To use in a folding and wrapping machine, a carriage comprising a desk, a entrance leaf hinged towards the entrance fringe of mentioned desk, a rear leaf hinged to the rear fringe of explained dinner table, a flap easy-to-open to the back end edge of said rear leaf, and a plurality of camera-followers predicting from every one of stated hinged factors at different angles.

3. The carriage of state 2 which includes springtime means for each of explained hinged factors resiliently tending to support each aspect in a predetermined relation to the factor from which it is actually backed.

4. The carriage of claim 2 in which every leaf is significantly L-molded in area transverse to the hinge axis.

5. For usage in the wrapping and folding machine, a carriage comprising a table offering a drastically horizontal, upwardly-offered work surface, a front leaf hinged to mentioned dinner table in front fringe of said work surface, a back end leaf hinged to mentioned kitchen table on the back edge of said surface area, all of said leaves together with a segment nearby stated work surface normally inclined downwardly and from stated surface area plus a distal surface area likely up- 3() wardly and from explained surface area, a dish for every of said foliage hinged to the distal side of its leaf and projecting to stated desk, and

sturdy indicates helping the totally free fringe of all of said containers.

6. The carriage of claim 5 when the cost-free edge of the holder connected with said top leaf is provided with abutment indicates disposed carefully adjoining the leading side of said table, and where the resilient path for explained plate generally works with stated holder benefit at an elevation previously mentioned explained work surface.

7. The carriage of assert 6 by which said abutment indicates includes a plurality of transverselyspaced straps based upon from mentioned tray benefit.

8. Th carriage of assert 7 in which explained bands are inflexible as well as in which every strap passes by through a slot in explained front leaf.

9. The carriage of assert 8 where each and every strap is curved upon an arc concentric with all the hinge axis of explained plate.

10. The carriage of claim 5 such as a flap hinged on the distal edge of said rear leaf and usually keen away and upwardly from said surface.

The new technical designing for stretch horizontal machinery

Throughout the succeeding quarter-revolution of shaft til, our prime details of cams I I8 and I22 will retreat through the rollers I IIand’ IZ’I to make it possible for the spring I 23 to come back the levers Hi5 and IIS, so the rods IS’I and I29, for their starting positions explained in Fig. 6. The cam groove 52 is really created as to eiTect continuing vacation in the.

file It! in synchronism with your carriage. substantially through this era of drawback of the rods I3 and I28! to be able to safeguard against any potential for disturbance involving th’e presser parts and members of any carriages. But throughout the third and fourth quarters from the shaft trend, while the rollers II T, 52! , and M5 engage low concentric parts of their linked cams, that area of the cam groove 52′ not demonstrated in Fig. 2, cooperates using the fixedposition roller 53 to turn back direction ofmovement of your shaft 33 as well as its associated components, as well as return the parts for the commencing positions demonstrated in Fig. 2-.

As the carriage results in the foldable station, the curler “#2” about the arm II encounters a fixed cam I555 (see Figs. 2 and 4) appropriately supported involving the trackways 3i as well as the growing area of said cam, which happens to be combined with the curler I2, brings about the flap ‘5? to be swung, within a counterclockwise route, suiiiciently to go the curler I4 into place for cooperation by using a secondly fixed camera I51. Th counter-clockwise swing of the flap 6’, as the roller I4 follows the rising surface of the cam I51! is completed, to give the various components to the placement highlighted in Fig. 15, wherein the projecting trailing back finish portion I04 from the sheet is folded away forwardly within the rearmost pieces of sausage, where stated portion will stick inside the method earlier mentioned-defined. At regarding the second as soon as the roller I4 actually gets to the peak of the camera I51, the curler 16 encounters a immobile cam 58; so when said curler follows the increasing top of the camera I58 the leaf B8 is swung in the counter-top-clockwise direction about its hinge axis BI. The camera I58 can perform moving the leaf 68 only to the position highlighted in Fig. 16. Naturally, the curler 14 is lifted off its camera I51 from this action of the leaf 60.

As will probably be noticeable from an assessment of Figs. 2 and 3, the roller 98, transported through the left arm 89, experiences a stationary supplies camera I59 considerably presently when the curler 16 come across the camera I58. Considering that the left arm 88 is downwardly and forwardly inclined, vacation from the roller 98 within the keen surface of the camera I59 will golf swing the leaf 83 in the clockwise direction about its hinge axis 84. Coaction between your curler 98 and also the camera I59 swings the leaf 83 far enough to take the roller 92, around the arm 9I, into place I to deal with, cooperatively, a stationary camera I88; and because the curler 92 rides within the cam surface I60, the leaf 83 is swung inside a clockwise path as shown on the righthand stop of Fig. 3. Now, the various components take up significantly the placements explained in Fig. 16. It is going to be noted the two leaves 60 and 83 transfer considerably concurrently from the positions of Fig. to the positions of Fig. 16, so that every single leaf works for an abutment stopping body moving of your bacon batch I89 intoxicated by the foldable activity in the partner leaf.

serface of the cone wrapping machine

hingedly secured to the base platter A as at 1 / 2 of every single page having mixture applied thereto in any suitable manner’before delivcry to the providing table. The .providing desk is hingedly guaranteed at one part as at 19 towards the base dish and also the opposite side is resili ently guaranteed through a spring 20. This area. of your feeding dinner table is extended as at 21 produce a take care of or projection, by

that the desk may be depressed, and theupper finish from the dinner table or that passing beneath neath the wrapping cone is a little concave as at 22, (see Fig. 4.) to frictionally interact with the outside surface of the wrapping cone, that is a document empty experiencing paste applied thereto, as proven at 23, is put around the kitchen table in such a approach that certain advantage thereof gets into the station 15 created inside the wrap ping cone. Rotary-movement will then be transported to the cone by means of the hands crank 16. In this way creating the papers to place itself in regards to the cone. The concave area of the. desk, pointed out at 22, frictionally engages the top of the cone and therefore triggers the document being firmly twisted about the same. The trimming blade or blade 8 all at once engages the exterior irregular edge of the papers blank and proper trimming thereof is this way achieved. Also liquid tight, though it requires approximately two revolutions to complete the operation and’as one-half of the sheet or blank has paste appliedthereto, it is obvious that tainer which is not only decidedly stronger than paper cones. heretofore produced. These outcomes are received inside the. following method:

By referring to Fig. 1, it will probably be viewed that the papers empty when inserted from the route 15 is a bit more than a second time the size of the cover-ping cone, that may be ‘the cone merely reaches the dotted line suggested at 25, the heart brand of the empty simply being pointed out at’26. The papers when twisted is therefore began somewhat away from heart and caiises a lateral retract 27 tobe proven in Figs. 6 and 10. This fold. not only reinforces and strengthens the point of the cone, but it also produces a .water tight joint,



[ all who it may issue:

Whether it be known that I, lVILLIAM S. VAN SANT, a resident of the usa, dwelling at Fruitvale, within the area of Alameda and Express of California, have created a whole new and helpful Improvement in Pieces of paper- Coil-l/Vrapping Models along with the Product or service Attained And thus, that the following is a specifications.

This technology relates to a machine to the production of pieces of paper storage containers, especially to some machine that is adapted to produce and wrap cone-shaped boxes.

The invention also pertains to this product received, to-wit, a cone-designed document box folded away .or twisted in such a method that a normal water or liquefied tight pot is master duced.

One of several objects of the provide invention is to provide a cheaply, simple and substantial produced paperwrapping and creating machine which is especially tailored for wrapping and forming cone-designed containers, and all at once tailored to clip the papers or carry through which the pot is created in order to produce an even annular edge round the upper available end in the cone.

Another thing of the invention is to provide a wrapping or forming machine in the character explained by which a drinking water or liquid restricted joint or fold might be established in the reduced or pointed stop of the document cone,

‘said retract also helping to strengthen and reinforce the pointed stop of the cone.

One more item from the invention would be to offer ayieldable pieces of paper giving dinner table to the wedding party of the stock or bedding through which the cones are shaped, and to so position the feeding kitchen table how the sheets could be easily supplied individually towards the wrapping process.

In horizontal wrapping devices from the planetary kind

Early spring tension signifies 25 insures that component 22 is pushing towards cushion middle therefore bringing friction engagement ring 15 and spring season fingertips 13 against the pad part. I

We prefer to fixedly place factor 23 hauling pad rubbing implies “7 as well as to fixedly position friction disk 15′ thereupon. Coil springs 16, therefore, are merely presented for rubbing hard drive 15 as this reduces the chance of lateral side play in tape mat 5 as it is revolved about its middle axis.

The planetary taping machine-“described and shown herein is modified for rotation from the taping mind in, sometimes clockwise or counterclockwise instructions, itmerely Wing required to modify information roller 11 for the proper place to supp y the tape 5 in the proper area from the cable tv 4. It is additionally adjusted to place a plurality of tape dimensions after the cable tv ‘4 without the need of material adjustment inside the adhesive tape roll assisting indicates. The size of the machine can be greatly reduced due to the use of the caster type guide roller. That’s another advantage. Still another benefit is based on the actual control over the stress from the wrapping as it is laid on the cable tv through the use of the tape pressure indicates disclosed. As the tape tensioning means operates effectively within rela– tively wide ranges of planetary revolution speeds and the caster roller guide means functions within relatively wide ranges of cable longitudinal advance speeds, the flexibility and adap-‘- tability of the machine to modern high speed production requirements is marked.

Before anew tape roll is inserted, as an added improvement means 30 may be axle 21 from provided on the taping head disposed at a determined point to disconnect the driving means for the wrapping machine when and in the event that the tape 5′ is broken or the end of a tape passes the means 30.

Means ’30 can be of anyconvenient’type and also as demonstrated in F’ig. 3 comprises a handle arm 3132 pivoted at stage 30, one particular left arm (31) becoming tailored to be engaged by pin 33. When adhesive tape 5′ is completing over curler 10, early spring 37 is compressed, thus allowing arm 32 to get located in-the open up position by spring season 34. If the adhesive tape 5′ splits or maybe the stop passes by over drum’18 springtime stress implies 37 is unveiled and moves curler 10, pin 33 and arm 31 off to the right causing handle left arm 32 to compress spring 34′ and participate with spring terminal 35 linked to direct cable 36 and shutting an electric relay circuit which functions to disconnect the ability supply for the wrapping machine and stop very same. Signifies 30 could be situated with the level shown or at almost every other hassle-free level about the taping mind

In wrapping machines from the planetary variety

taping brain in the planetary taping machine in general close up spread out relationship for the cord course having its longitudinal rotating axis telling lies in the aeroplane drastically parallel to the longitudinal axis in the cable tv, and the other roller is guaranteed with the taping brain using its longitudinal rotating axis being untruthful within a aircraft parallel for the longitudinal axis of your very first curler at this sort of spaced length therefrom as it is modified to remove drastically all lateral strains and stresses in the adhesive tape as are incident on the swiveling in the first curler. This copending software is also assigned to a similar assignee as being the provide innovation.

In accordance with the objects from the present creation, as soon as the two innovations of the copending applications are merged in coil wrapping models in the planetary variety this has been discovered necessary to redesign the machine to allow their collaboration as well as receive a number of working advantages developing therefrom, as well as to provide improved tape roll supporting means plus an increased way to supply the unwinding tape from the roll to the tensioning means at the considerably frequent stress by any means adhesive tape roll diameters, all as are often more fully hereinafter disclosed.

Well before additional disclosing the current innovation reference should be intended to the associated drawings where Fig. 1 is a point of view schematic view of the planetary taping machine of the current innovation;

Fig. 2 is a sectional see the exact same;

Fig. 3 is an bigger section of an individual taping go disclosing the family member positioning of the aspects comprising exactly the same;

Fig. 4 is an enlarged section of the tape roll supporting means and variable tape roll friction simultaneous application of a plurality of wrappings upon a single cable if desired. The machine comprises a spider 2 rotatable about its center longitudinal axis 3 at which axis is disposed cable 4 as shown. Means (not proven) are offered to share comparable motions of longitudinal move forward and planetary revolution to cable tv 4 and spider 2 correspondingly. This simply means has heretofore been working in the craft.

2014 especially to improvements in orbitla wrapping machine

-4. Inside a horizontal wrapping machine, ,articles conveying debe driven from a power source, a .management product which includes laterally spread out traveling and drivensprockets coupled to saidendless chains supporting stated air flights, coupling signifies .coupling mentioned sprockets to mentioned source of energy, control system for controlling the lateral space of mentioned .ights of mentioned groups of battles and mentioned sprockets, all of : said air flights which includes spaced depending biceps and triceps, means ,pivotally attaching mentioned hands vatpoints intermediate their rends to .reverse edges of stated stores, the low comes to an end .of

.mentioned forearms promoting stated tiights in opposition to substantial individual `lateral movements when in proposal with lan report being superior thereby, information night clubs extending along a area of the pathfof travel of said chains and stabilizing members about the uppr ‘ends of explained forearms, said stabilizing membersand chains co-operatively bracketing mentioned guideline pubs therebetween lfor the considerably rigorous location of explained chains’.

5. The invention deiined in assert 4 in which mentioned critical means involve adjustably fitted eccentric bushings for governing the situation of each of said ghts in accordance with its associated sequence.

far more especially to upgrades in coil wrapping machine

Another object of your invention is to supply a novel by conveying gadget wherein a plurality of units or sets of `laterally spread out post getting in contact with members are able to be advert-` justed `simultaneously and specifically to or from each other .to impact an increased sped adaptation ofthe product to content articles of different sizes. Varieties of promoting techniques heretofore used spread out collections ofchains or another types of related factors and lutilized help participants suspended between the sets of stores to carry the article getting in touch with factors. These stopped assistance people, however, added to the cost` and excess weight from the conveying process and, as a result did not enhance the desirability in the program. In addition,

fwhere such supporting participants were actually employed, it absolutely was normally required to position the content getting in contact with components to make sure they had been spread out from your linked stores.

This quality generated the creating of undesirable l i pressures inside the promoting people such as torque, which not just disrupt this content positioning but in addition detract through the longevity from the system.

Properly, it really is a more subject in the creation to i offer a new promoting program, such as laterally adi justably spread out write-up calling associates, which helps prevent the down sides inherent in those varieties of techniques which use stopped help people for location this article calling associates.