wire packing machine and coil wrapping machine

The coil packing solution for paper, stretch film, PET strap .

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We are providing wire wrapping machine, wire coil wrapping machine, wire coil strapping machine, wire rod coil packing machinery…you can find different type coil packaging solution vary from coil packaging goal.

Wire wrapping machine and strapping machine

Please check the following answers:

By verifying the dimensions of the products we manufacture with respect to the specifications of the machine, we have the following considerations:
1. In the specification inner diameter we have rolls that exceed the maximum diameter, is there a problem in this situation?——No problem at all, the machine works for all ID shows in the list.
2. In the outer diameter all the products comply correctly——Ok
3. With the width all the products fulfill except one, it is not problem since we can make change of packing—–You are right, width 950mm is not in the wire wrapping machine FHOPE700’s packaging range.
4. In the specification of weight we have products that are below the minimum specification for 20 kg, consider this change in the design of the machine to load from 180 kg to 1000 kg
——It is ok for us.

wire packing machine and wire tilter
wire packing machine and wire tilter

Do you confirm me or do you have any questions?

The machine offered is using stretch film for wire packaging. If you need another packing material please let us know, such as Paper, PE film, HDPE film…
As you know, the machine will be designed according your wire coil size.

Therefore it will be little bit differently with our stanard equipment in size.

The attached one is for reference, we will provide Precise size after machine designing finished when is app. 15 days after receiving the down payment.

For the installation, it is easy to do by your people according the drawing and manual. We are providing, videos and pictures guide too

Sure, our service for installation and commissioning is available for wire wrapping machine and wire strapping machine too.

Air ticket, room and accommendation provided by your company. Besides, the feed is $100/day per engineer only.


Automatic horizontal stretch wrapper and coil packer is working for online horiontal wire coil packing too.

Automatic wire coil compressing machine and strapping packing line

wire coil compressing machine
Learning from your requirement, the semiauto macine meet your goal.
——-This is an update solution of the macine in video, which is able take off the spool after strapping.
But 150T is too strong. Normally for such a wire coil 2-3T is enough.
The wrapping machine is an option.

wire coil compressing machine
wire coil compressing machine

me know your opinion, and we will offer the price accordingly.

 Please look below answers


No Parameters Unit Values  
1 Material     Galvanizing Wire  
2 Max. Outside diameter of the wire coil mm  1200 mm  
3 Min. Outside diameter of the wire coil mm  800 mm  
4 Max. Inner diameter of the wire coil mm  600 mm  
5 Min. Inner diameter of the wire coil mm  450 mm  
6 Max. diameter of the wire mm  8.00 mm  
7 Min. diameter of the wire mm  2.50 mm  
8 Height of the wire coil before compacting mm  1200 mm  
9 Height of the wire coils after compacting mm  800 mm  
10 Max. weight of the wire coil Kg  2000 kg  
11 Temperature of the material ºC  50  
12 Dimensions of the basket mm  1200 Dia base  
13 Required compacting force   150  
14 Compressing Speed Sec/Coil   30  
15 Number of straps per coil Nos  4  



coil stretch wrapper and wire wrapping machine



Here is a summary of my meeting with Candice yesterday for wire coil packing machine:

1) The chain guards on the blocker rolls must be painted yellow.
2) The cabinet and operator station must be painted orange (the color chip was provided previously by SES).
3) Toeboards must be added to the hand railing. They must be 3mm thick X 100mm high.
4) Foundation drawings have already been issued to the customer in September. SES is checking to see if the foundation has been installed.
a. Candice gave me revised foundation drawings yesterday. However, the drawings do not match what is on the factory floor. Jinglin must verify and ensure the wire wrapping machine foundation matches the drawing.
b. The foundation bolt plan for both blocker roll stations must be the same. Candice indicated they are different. This does not agree with the foundation drawing that was submitted to the customer. Jinglin must verify and ensure both blocker roll foundations are the same.
c. The rear track does not match the drawing nor does it’s style of construction match the front track. It is also painted the wrong color. Is this track being re-used from the floor model stretch wrapper? Jinglin must verify and ensure the track matches the drawing and foundation.
5) It was noted that all motor voltages are 380V and that a step down transformer is being utilized. SES must confirm with the customer that this is acceptable and does not violate any local electrical code.
a. Jinglin must confirm the frequency of all motors. The specification was 460V 60 Hz.



Automatic wire packing machine


Following is my question:


Coil No.
OD (mm)

1.Paper wrap
2.Metal wrap
3.PP Sheet
4.Edge protector
5.Bore protector
6.Bore insert
8.Strapping wire.

Above material and packaging requirement is normally for jumble coil( big coil) packaging. So is above coil stacking together?
a. It is one coil one package or same coil stacking together for packaging?
b. can you show me the picture of the product need to be packing?
c. if it is one coil one package, following solutions are ok.
d. if coils stacking together, please provide the whole coils Min&Max.Width.


 Horizontal wrapping machine for different package and packing goal.

We are an engineering company based in Malaysia. We would like inquire the steel wire wrapping machine from your organisation. Please refer to the attached document and provide us a reasonable quote for us to proceed further.


Wire wrapping machine and testing requirment


wire wrapping machine        wire coil stretch wrapper wire wrapping machine
Attached is the steel coil packing flow chart , Finished packing steel coil and cutomer factory packing line area for your reference.
Steel coil  having variable sizes ,weight .
Weight :   lowest 2500KG     Highest 5000KG
size : 1500mm W   1200mm dia    Inner dia: 500mm
I hope above information is enough to make proposal for us .
We are looking for fully packing automation wire wrapping machine system also partially packing automation system.

I have attached a PDF of things that I want to see during testing of the wire stretch wrapper.  This does not replace your testing procedure, so please use your plan for that.

I have allocated three days to be at your factory for wire wrapping machine testing.  The dates will be November 16, 17, and 18.

I am saying in Shanghai near Jing’An temple.  I’m planning on taking Subway Line 9 to Dongjing Station and taking taxi from there to your factory.  Will taxis be available at the station?  Is that the closest station to your factory?  What time in the morning should I arrive?

wire wrapping machine manufacturer in China



Thank you very much for your kindly attention. Sorry that we made a mistake in the previous letter. The characteristics of our products are as follows:
Coil weight:  200-5000kg
Coil width: 200-700 mm
20% of our products:
ID:300 mm OD 500-700 mm
80% of our products:
ID:300-500 mm OD: 700-1300 mm
Please send me a proper offer based on your vast experiences in this field.
Please send me your quotation including price and data sheets.
I am looking forward to hearing from you.
earing from your size wire wrapping machine-N is the best one for your packaging, since FPW1000 is too big for your coil size.
For a good package, the best coil range for packaging is OD:700-1300mm. OD;500-700mm is too small to wrapping.
It is a problem about big Wire coil wrapping machine for small coil packaging.
We can try to make wire packing machine working for OD:500-700mm. But one thing is clearly–the package is not as good as for big coil packaging.
Besides, if you have special requirement in packing material, please let me know.
Welcome to contact with me for further information.

Automatic Wire wrapping machine for PC wire

Please find the required info as below in RED FONT  in your table.


Additional info is given  in  below lines..

The piece of wood is 130 mm x 90 mm x 230 mm , 4 nos attached to bottom of coil for palletizing .


Attached please find the photo “IMG 0704” of product coil to be wrapped packed and palletized , tilted .


Complete packed coil look like in photo “IMG 0676” .


We expect to wrap pack about  100 coils a day .


Please feel free to ask more information if needed,





Dear Mr. Jelloul,


This is Fhopepack, i will following up your need for PC Strand coil packaging machine.


Before offering a solution, i’d like to know the information following:


1. Coil info

Coil No. OD (mm) ID(mm) WIDTH(mm) WEIGHT(Kg)
1  1200 800  760  3000 
2  1250 800  760  3500 
3  1300 800  760  4000 
4  1150 800    760  2500 
…           5    1100    800   760   2000 

2. What is the packing material, such as HDPE, Paper…

First layer of HDPE  woven vci paper 180 gsm ,  and second layer of HDPE Woven plain poly with lamination on both side and printed GSS logo . The roll 150 width is wrapped with 75 mm overlap.

a. Vertical coil wrapper




b. horizontal big coil wrapper


c. Automatic coil packaging solution



I think vertical coil wrapper is able meet your packaging goal.


Any requirement just feel free let me know. Our team will do best per your packaging goal.


wire wrapping machine        wire coil stretch wrapper wire wrapping machine
Wire coil packing machinery–FPW-300 Wire coil packing machinery–FPW-400 Wire coil packing machinery–FPW-500
wire coil packing machine wire coil wrapping machine Wire coil compactor and packing line
Wire coil packing machinery–FPW-600 Wire coil packing machinery–FPW-800 Wire coil compactor&strapping machine

New requirement for wire packing machine

wire coil packaging line|wire coil stretch wrapper|wire wrapping macchine


There are Wire packing machine  and automatic solution.


Please your support also with this new wire packing machine requirement. We need a hemming and wire  packing machine such as the one in the next video:

Moreover, if possible we would like this machine to adapt and change to another type of roll forming such as the one in the next picture:

Some notes:
– The width could vary so that is why we need a machine as the one in the video since this one can adjust to different widths.
– The thickness of the material (aluminum, aluzinc) could vary from 0.2mm to 0.8mm.

Please let me know if you can provide this machine and the respective quotation.
Can you also provide CIF price for the spare part of wire packing equipment?

——The CIF CALLAO, Peru Cost extra $350 only.

And also about the post sales service: Someone of your team comes to install the machine and also gives training to the operators?

—–Yes, engineer service is available. But roon&board and airticket on you account.

The wire packing machine offered is a fool style opeation machine.

What you need to do is power connecting whille receiving the tilter. So i think your engineer is able handle such a machine by manual, CD,video.

We are providing online, tel, email service.

Wire coil packing requirement with packing material

Following is the note of customer visiting information about wire coil packing in meeting.

Wire coil:
ID: 400 od: 900mm Width: 280/400-800/1000mm Weight: 600-800kg

ID: 357 OD: 680 Width:280mm Weight:

Paper + stretch film+ Paper with PE+ kint belt.

Packing material size:

Paper/ Kit belt/HDPE: NEXT TO THE MACHINE OD: 400-500MM Width: 90-100mm

Stretch film/ PVC: FIX ON THE RING, OD:100-150mm Width;90-100mm

编织带+皱纹纸+夹丝皱纹+缠绕膜+平纹纸 报价

Total dimension of the wire coil packging machine L3.8m W;2m He 2.2m