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cable wire wrapping machine

Nous sommes une société de négoce import-export de fils et câbles électrique.
J’ai un projet pour confectionner les fils électriques de touret de grande longueur 10-40 Km en couronne de 100m ou 500m (HO7VU 1,5² et 2,5² et HO7VR 6 à 16²).
Je recherche donc une machine automatique ou semi-automatique pour faire ces couronnes .
L’idéal serait de proposer différents Ø intérieur et extérieur ou hauteur de couronne.
Désolé, la machine doit être économique, même d’occasion, et rapidement livrable.
Merci de me documenter et me faire rapidement une proposition commerciale.
Avez-vous de la documentation très précise ? un film de démonstrations ? un correspondant en France ? en Europe ?


Wire wrapping machine solution and cable wire packing equipment for different size cable.

Automatic wire wrapping machine

Thank you for your kind email and appologize for the delay, here bellow the dimensions required for wire wrapping machine.

Max packed rolls WIDTH : W≤300mm
Packing Rolls Outer Diameter : 500mm≤OD≤900mm
Roll Inner Diameter: 400mm≤ ID≤700mm
Material: Roll craft paper or film
Roll width: 90mm
Rotation station speed : V≤40r/min
Max packing article weight : ≤300kg




we are multilayer wire producer and are interest about a wire coil roll packing machine,please tell us about your best offer .
.Best Regards.

Automatic coil strapping machine connect with coil wrapping machine for automatic handling the hose coil, pipe coil, wire coil, steel coil…


Wire wrapping machine and testing requirment


wire wrapping machine        wire coil stretch wrapper wire wrapping machine
Attached is the steel coil packing flow chart , Finished packing steel coil and cutomer factory packing line area for your reference.
Steel coil  having variable sizes ,weight .
Weight :   lowest 2500KG     Highest 5000KG
size : 1500mm W   1200mm dia    Inner dia: 500mm
I hope above information is enough to make proposal for us .
We are looking for fully packing automation wire wrapping machine system also partially packing automation system.

I have attached a PDF of things that I want to see during testing of the wire stretch wrapper.  This does not replace your testing procedure, so please use your plan for that.

I have allocated three days to be at your factory for wire wrapping machine testing.  The dates will be November 16, 17, and 18.

I am saying in Shanghai near Jing’An temple.  I’m planning on taking Subway Line 9 to Dongjing Station and taking taxi from there to your factory.  Will taxis be available at the station?  Is that the closest station to your factory?  What time in the morning should I arrive?

wire wrapping machine manufacturer in China



Thank you very much for your kindly attention. Sorry that we made a mistake in the previous letter. The characteristics of our products are as follows:
Coil weight:  200-5000kg
Coil width: 200-700 mm
20% of our products:
ID:300 mm OD 500-700 mm
80% of our products:
ID:300-500 mm OD: 700-1300 mm
Please send me a proper offer based on your vast experiences in this field.
Please send me your quotation including price and data sheets.
I am looking forward to hearing from you.
earing from your size wire wrapping machine-N is the best one for your packaging, since FPW1000 is too big for your coil size.
For a good package, the best coil range for packaging is OD:700-1300mm. OD;500-700mm is too small to wrapping.
It is a problem about big Wire coil wrapping machine for small coil packaging.
We can try to make wire packing machine working for OD:500-700mm. But one thing is clearly–the package is not as good as for big coil packaging.
Besides, if you have special requirement in packing material, please let me know.
Welcome to contact with me for further information.

coil wrapping machine

steel,hose,wire,coil wrapping machine


thanks for your fast reply.
for deciding we need more information about  mechanical and electrical part of your machine.because i must check with the mechanic and  electric section.
if it is possible , please send the detail  or more information of your suggested machine (36000$ machine and the other with cheaper price) .
i’m looking forward for your email
Learning from your requirement, it is not possiable provide one wire wrapping machine for all coils.
The best range is as following:
OD: 700-1400mm    ID: 300-508mm    Width:300-700mm
Considering the small coil packaging, the special design in tension control is very necessary.
how are you doing?
 my name is mansour i work in copper coil industries. and i want a coil packing machine (Coil Wrapping Machine) for packing our copper coil.
 I  attached the specification of our product and our desired Coil Wrapping Machine.
i will be thankful if you send the result as soon as possible.
Horizontal stretch wrapper work for film strapping and wrapping

wire wrapping machine and orbital stretch wrapper

wire packing machine
wire coil wrapping machine, wire wrapping machine,wire packing machine


Kind Attention : Mr. Justin Wen,


You have received the following inquiry against your orbital stretch wrapper product/service information

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Subject: we require copper wire drawing machines

This Request for Information(RFI) needs your prompt attention.
We have the following message for you:

dear sir,


we want to start copper and aluminum wire drawing plant in Surat city,Gujarat.India.so we require below mention machinery ,


For 5 Tons/day capacity,


1. wire packing machine and Melting machine – 1 no.


2. Rod break down machine (RBD) – 1 no.


3. Bull Block machine – 5 no.


4. Intermediate wrapping machine – 5 no.


5. Medium Fine (16 to 26 guage) – 15 no.


6. Super Fine (20 to 42 guage) – 40 no.


7. Online furnace – 2 no.


8. Pointing Machine – 2 no.


9. But Welding Machine – 2 no.







door packing and wrapping machine, orbital stretch wrapper for door
door wrap machine and door pack machine. orbital stretch wrapper for door

Thank you,


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automatic coiling machine for pipe in fhopepack

horizontal stretch wrapper

Horizontal stretch wrapper

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