coil wrapping machine for wire coil

When fpc-300 coil wrapping machine is used in combination with fpc Steel WIRE Coil wrapping machine, the fpc1 is applied to the load when the parameters are set by the operator. The setting position of the packaging parameters is on the tensile packaging to make the number and position of fpc1 can be changed so that the maximum load retention is well provided. The load is packaged in the same way every time it is guaranteed by these parameters.

coil packing machinery
Changes in fpc1 coil wrapping machine performance need to be considered when the fpc1 requirements for a particular application are determined. If these variables are reduced, you can appropriately select the type, size, and size of fpc1, which will be the most suitable for packages. When the performance of wire coil wrapping is selecting a thin film, the performance of stretching packaging machine cannot be ignored. The overall performance of wire coil packing is determined by the combination of packing machine fpc1 and stretch film quality. If your fpc1 cannot stretch the thin film to a place where these properties can be extracted, then the value is to buy high-performance fpc1.
The best performance of wire wrapping machine must be assured that testing control can be fully utilized, or fpc1 and fpc2’s existing performance should be matched by you.

The measurement of the diagonal coil or product load is the load diagonals. This size is critical when the overall size of the package is determined. This size varies from maximum load to package minimum, making the design of the machine affected. The equation of the load diagonal of any pallet can be determined as the square root of (L2 + W2).

The reason most companies have reason to use fpc1 is the physical requirement and inconsistency of stretching and packaging with their hands. A method of security is provided by the pallet packaging machine, can make the load keeps consistent, your pallet load can also be provided at the same time, professional appearance, and your customer requirements can be provided. The operator placed the pallet load on the turntable as well as fpc3, and the stretching loop was also activated. Fpc wire wrapping machine is then applied to fpc4. To meet your requirements, you need to pack the tray load. There are only ten pallet packs that can be used to justify pallet packaging every day.

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coil stretch wrapper for WIRE

wire coil stretch wrapper


  1. 客户需求


钢丝卷 外径 (英寸) 内径 (英寸) 宽度 (英寸) 重量 (kg)
1 23 14 10 100
2 30 22 6 100
3 32 19 10 250
4 25 18 5 100
5 41 31 16 500





  1. 报价机型


型号 GS 400-主机可移动-外穿型
供电 415V, 50Hz, 3phases (英国标准)
控制电压 24V DC
压缩空气 6-8bar
噪音 <79dB
转环速度 20-80 RPM (变频调速)
辊子转速 2000-4000mm/min
控制 Delta PLC




独立控制箱(当地电源:415V, 50Hz, 3phases)