Wire coil packaging machine by stretch film shrink wrap


Wire coil stretch wrapper from Fhopepack
Wire coil stretch wrapper from Fhopepack

Pls find the inputs :

1. Product size.

Plastic tube bundle Outer diameter
Length(mm) Weight(kg)
Min.   2’’ 300   2
Max.   5-6’’   3000   60

2. What kind of packing material will be used? Such as stretch film, PE etc. – wire coil Shrink wrap ,aluminum foil & then Adhesive tape .Pls find attached sample & steps .

3. What is your requirement of packing speed? Or what is you daily throughput .Speed is not a problem .We would like to proceed with the normal one & in the economical cost .


How to find a automatic wire coil packing line

Wire coil stretch wrapper from Fhopepack

This is automatic wire coil packaging line to show you how to operation and packaging the wire.


    wire wrapping machine        wire coil stretch wrapper wire wrapping machine
Wire coil packing machinery–FPW-300 Wire coil packing machinery–FPW-400 Wire coil packing machinery–FPW-500
wire coil packing machine wire coil wrapping machine Wire coil compactor and packing line
Wire coil packing machinery–FPW-600 Wire coil packing machinery–FPW-800 Wire coil compactor&strapping machine


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Attached please find the quotation of our pallet wrapping machine. And you can get machine features and technical data in the quotation clearly.