coil packing machine price


stretch film and HDPE film for coil packaging

Here are our remarks for the packing station – I put them in as notes in your original document, so you can either write to notes or in the quote the price of coil packing machine itself to answer us or however you wish.

We also got a definition of some packing material– see below – is it useable on the packing machine?

Also would you please send us some price references to deliveries of your coil packing machine either to Bekaert or to other plants?

Another question is if you have any experience if the strand is warm (50°C for example), if it can be packed immediatelly – risk for condensation or corrosion?

Last question is whether such a wire coil packing machine can also pack PC wire coils (OD 2000mm, width 250mm) or this is done usually on different machine?


Sorry for the delay. We shrunk your sample today. Attached please find some pics for reference. Please let us know whether you are happy with this package after seeing the pic.
Could you also please tell me your address? The sample is ready to be delivered now.