Automatic steel tube packing machine and strapping machine

Please kindly provide more information about Counting, Stacking device (steel tube Packing machine):

carrier teeth lifting chains
device for rectangular profile orientation (with sensor having a “no need adjusting ” system)
tough welded legs
alignment driven rolls
adjustable reference plate to align tubes
tubes counter system
storage area for row formation
translating support (blades to take the row on bundle shaping shelves)
adjustable steel tube bundle shaping shelves (depending on bundle type and dimensions)

Format change
Format change time (minute)
Round pipe to another round pipe
Square pipe to another squar pipe
Round pipe to square pipe and reverse


Automatic strapping machine for steel tube bundle banding with steel belt

Question: The Vibration/Quakes is 8. What does it mean?

Question: Please describe specificly to which degree it will be comlied with new types of pipe. That means when we want to change size, pipe quantity in bottom layer and NO. of layers for new types of steel pipe packing line in the future, how can we do that?

steel tube strapping machine and packing line

steel tube bundling and strapping machine

Sorry for misleading you, we only need a strapping solution. We are in the business of makin heaxon and round stock pipes. We bundle them in a hexon shape and in sizes of:

Max width: 500mm
Max height: 500mm

Max/min top width: 280mm/90mm
Max/min botton width: 280/90mm

Weigth range: 100kg-3800kg
Length range: 1300mm-11700mm

Today we have a steel tube strapping machine who spotweld the strips. Problem is, the stripes need to have a color coating so it doesen´t rust. We all know paint and TIG welding dont match so we´re looking for a solution were you make a punch in the stripes and by that hold them together. So it´s gonna have to be a custom solution as u said. Perhaps you can give me a prize range of these kind of applications, its gonna be hard because you havent seen our application but are we talking about 50.000$ or 200.000$.

One more question, you have all your fabrication and personal located in China? If we were about to buy an application, how do we do with service and stuff like that.


Horizontal stretch wrapper can be connected with strapping line for packaging.




Packing list of the tube packing machine and packing line


A-1 tube feeding station 1 package 200 210 L3000 x W650 x H200mm
A-2 tube conveyor 1 1 package 150 160 L6500 x W500 x1500mm
A-3 tube bagging station 1 package 200 210 L1400 x W800 x H1700mm
A-4 Conveyor line 2 1 package 150 160 L6500mm x W 500mm x H1500mm
A-5 Slope 1 package 140 155 L5500mm x W 1500mm x H1000mm
A-6 Small bundling/strapping station 1 package 420 425 L6000mm x W 1200mm x H1100mm
A-7 Conveyor line 3 1 package 150 155 L3500mm x W 600mm x H450mm
A-8 Big bundle bagging station 1 package 180 190 L2500mm x W 1700mm x H600mm
A-9 Conveyor line 4 1 package 140 145 L5000mm x W 600mm x H450mm
A-10 Big bundling/strapping machine A 1 package 160 165 L1200mm x W 800mm x H1100mm
A-11 Big bundling/strapping machine B 1 package 160 165 L1200mm x W 800mm x H1100mm
A-12 Conveyor line 5 1 package 300 310 L6000mm x W 700mm x H450mm
A-13 Small electrical cabinet 1 package 60 65 L800mm x W 500mm x H1100mm
A-14 Big electrical cabinet 1 package 100 110 L1100mm x W 400mm x H1900mm


Automatic tube packaging line and packing machine

automatic steel pipe packing line for stainless pipe, aluminum pipe

automatic steel tube bundle packing line
automatic steel tube bundle packing line and strapping machine
Automatic Pipe Packing Machine is used in high-speed packing of produced pipes; the shape of bundle and number of pipes according to round, shaped pipes and packing unit are processed by digital operation resulting in innovational improvement of safety and productivity. 

General Features of the automatic pipe packaging machine1.

Higherpace water pipe bundling2.

Minimized scuff on water pipe surface areas3.

Computerized and programmable pack size transform4.

Improved for bundling each circular and formed water pipe5.

Easy transform of the shapes of package6.

Decreased packaging space7.

Conserving of labor cost8. Innovational

decrease in safety incidents 

Composition of Equipment1.

Lifting Sequence Conveyor2.

Water pipe Covering3.

Tube Exchange Lever4. Bundling

Pocket (Fixed)5.

Transfer Pocket6.

Electric outlet Pack Conveyor7.

Auto Strapping Machine9.

Package Sequence Conveyor10. OP Control Panel

11. Automatic strapping station.
tube packaging line

Automatic steel tube stacking and packing solution


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More information for the steel tube stacking and packing solution:



Automatic solution with an initial idea to construct stress hypersensitive marking devices which had been easy to work, very easy to sustain, and cost-effective to buy. This concept remains the main concentrate for packing line today.
Automatic packing line was sold to Presentation area Production Company, an organization involved with the development and manufacturing of packing machinery to pack coil and tube and other generate. The citrus coil packing equipment, along with the citrus fruit labelers from Car Labe, established our Sister Division, Auto Pak.These days, Presentation area Manufacturing Clients are headquartered in Fort Pierce, close to the steel factory. This business park your car free business zone is an ideal location for distribution and manufacturing. The steel tube stacking and packing solution industry name is used for all goods in relation to stress delicate marking machines.Increase of our item in steel tube stacking and packing line is continues developments in the market, which mechanical and electrical components are included as part of the new design and style in labeling machines to boost accuracy and reliability. With new development, a division of Presentation space Mfg. Co. and our sister department Autopack steel tube stacking and packing solution provide advantages for client. It is packing for all their marking equipment demands.

steel pipe stacking system for bundling and packaging

Firstly we thank you very much for your order for our pipe stacking system and you kind trust on us.

After some further discussions within our technical team and some testings, we found there are problems in original quote and proposal:

  1. In the round pipe size you provided, there’re many pipes with small diameter, but for the steel pipe packaging and strapping line machine structure (stacking by supporting forks) in our proposal, the pipe diameter less than 20mm cannot be stacked by this machine.
  2. For the rectangular tubes, since the aspect ratio is small (the height value is close to the width), it’s hard to have a precise stacking for every tube. So manual intervention will be needed during the operation.

automatic steel tube bundling and packing linesteel tube bundling and strapping machine

Considering this situation, we have two solutions for option:

  1. Maintain the original quote and technical proposal, but change the applicable round pipe size from to 20mm~50.8mm. (只改管子规格范围的话,原43万的报价如何变动)
  2. If you insist stacking all the size 12.7mm~50.8mm, we will adopt another stacking method by electromagnetic chunk. And there will be an increase to the original quote, and make the final price at $160000. It’s a mistake having not analysis the parameters carefully at the beginning. We look forward to your kind opinions on this.