Automatic pipe bagging machine&tube bundle strapping machine

pipe packing and bagging machine for bundle


Automatic pipe bagging machine&tube bundle strapping machine

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The machine gathering the pipe pieces by pieces from production line, counting and bundle making. And than strapping machine for tightening and wrapping. It will be put into bag and nice protection in transportation


Our company Fhopepack, is a manufacturing and turnkey project company in Shanghai China.
Among our product lines we are manufacturing Pipe strapping and bagging machine for our customers, s to help them source an automatic steel tube packaging line. They currently bagging using manual machines.

Steel tube packaging machinery

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The solution for the steel tube packing both online or offline packaging help you do steel tube bag packing one by one.

It is a kind of automatic bagging equipment for putting pipe into bag and seal it.


There is automatic tube bundling machine and strapping machine available to connect in on following process to help you automatize the packing process by one people only.

Easy control and high speed packaging way to protecting your democratic steel tube.