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FIG. 16 can be a front of your underside from the an eye on the second embodiment of the existing creation.

FIG. 16A can be a front take a look at the conclusion from the keep track of and the car in the 2nd embodiment in the present invention.

FIG. 17 is actually a viewpoint view of a stop in the path and also the car of the 3rd embodiment from the provide technology, with the car in the first position around the monitor.

FIG. 18 is actually a point of view take a look at the end of your keep track of as well as the car of your 3rd embodiment from the provide innovation, using the automobile in a second placement in the path.

FIG. 19 is really a top point of view take a look at the automobile of your 3rd embodiment in the existing innovation.

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Other identified wrapping equipment include a rotary table on that your pallet is positioned. In this particular machine, the wrapping device is fitted to a fixed straight framework. In the wrapping approach, the dinner table and pallet thereon are rotated, along with the wrapping system journeys up and down to thus spiral wrap the items about the pallet.

Heretofore, wrapping devices have feature a gripper that grips the final of your film to and thus hold the film in the appropriate position since it is given from the film dispenser. Acknowledged grippers keep the end from the film adjoining a aspect in the pallet as well as an stop from the film generally should be blown or washed versus the area in the product about the pallet following the wrapping approach. During the wrapping process, the gripper stays beyond the exterior straight periphery from the pallet.

A wrapping machine is wanted producing improvements around the previously mentioned identified wrapping models.

Review Of THE PRESENT Innovation

An part of the existing innovation is to supply a wrapping machine for wrapping an item comprising a base, a turntable on the base for rotating the item, a method to obtain wrapping material coupled to the basic, the cause of wrapping material giving wrapping material on the product and an apparatus configured to reduce the wrapping material at the placement over the product during wrapping from the product or after the item has become packaged.

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A stretch wrap machine for wrapping something comprising basics, a change table in the basic for spinning this product, a supply of stretch wrap connected to the basic, plus a wrapping set up set up to give an end of your stretch wrap higher than the merchandise, minimize the stretch wrap with a situation above the item following the product continues to be covered or maintain a conclusion in the stretch wrap at a place above the product or service since the turntable commences turning the merchandise.

Industry Of Your Technology

The present technology concerns stretch wrap machines, plus more notably relates to stretch wrap equipment with a leading corner film exchange.


Wrapping equipment happen to be produced for wrapping plastic-type material film close to items with a pallet to secure the items for shipping and the like. Identified wrapping models feature a film dispenser mounted on an arm to turn regarding the pallet and thereby wrap the items about the pallet. The film dispenser will also be installed for straight travel to ensure that the film is twisted throughout the components of a spiral approach.

The control and operation for packing


The forklift driver will get the information where to put the pallet of the delivery unit in the warehouse on a screen above the delivery unit.
The temporary label is scanned and the pallet is weighted at the output buffer conveyor, with a link to the already existing warehouse management system. At that point also the final warehouse position is known by the packing line. When this pallet reaches the delivery position, the warehouse position is shown onto the screen to the forklift driver. This is possible because the sequence of pallets does not change.
Final labelling can still be done at warehouse (to keep current way of working).
If the vacuum check failed then the screen will indicate this to the forklift driver (e.g. red screen). The screen will also indicate how many pallets are still on the output buffers.


3.9 Plastic Wrapping Unit塑料缠绕膜包装机
This unit is used for the wrapping of the simplified packing.This is an automatic machine with wrapping foil turning around the pallet. The pallet remains stationary while being spirally wrapped. To have a splash proof packing the machine can be equipped with a top sheet applicator. In that case also a top sheet gravitator is needed to keep the top foil in position during wrapping.

3.10 Electrical cabinet电器柜  
• For the entire installation there is one single control switch cabinet.
• Voltage : 3 x 400 V / 50 Hz – 3 x 460 V / 60 Hz.
• The cabinet is built according to IEC204. It consists of cells set up the one beside the other (2.000 x 600 x 500 mm). Each element has a door, lifting lugs and a removable socle cover. The doors are closed by means of a special-purpose wrench. Protection of the cabinet is IP54.
• The installation is fully PLC-controlled. As PLC Rockwell Controllogic processor must be used,the PLC is provided with :
o CPU processing unit
o Digital input modules (24 VDC)
o Digital output modules : 24 VC (transistor outputs) or 220 VAC (relais contacts).
o Racks and power supplies
o Communication cards
o The necessary software
• On the platform, close to the vacuum unit, there is a control panel installed. This control cabinet is foreseen with a color screen and all necessary push buttons. Push buttons and signal light have a diameter of 22 mm.

电压:3 x 400 V / 50 Hz – 3 x 460 V / 60赫兹。

General automation for stretch wrapping machine and Pallets with damaged bags

3.4.3 Pallets with damaged bags关于袋子破裂的托盘
If the bag is punctured and thus without vacuum, the operator will not add the cardboard top piece. The strapping belt unit will detect with a color sensor if the cardboard top piece is present or not. If not, the strapping belt (and wrapping unit) will skip the pallet.
The forklift driver will see the pallet is not strapped (and wrapped) and will bring the pallet to the (re)packing area instead of the warehouse. The forklift driver will also get a visual warning. The pallet will not be weighed on the output buffer conveyor.

3.5 Belt Strapping Unit捆扎打包机
3.5.1 Build-up布局
The belt strapping unit consists of an automatic single belt strapper. The strapper straps one belt at the time around the pallet. The pallet is rotated multiple times to apply the different straps. Rotating table is under the strapping unit.The unit has 2 pallet detection sensors for the 2 belt positions. The typical length of the installation is 2000 [mm].Belt specifications are mentioned in 1.4.The strapping head is mounted on a movable (up-down) platform. This platform compresses the pallet before strapping. This guarantees the straps do not come loose when the pallets are placed on to each other in the warehouse. The compressing pressure is adjustable between 200 and 600 kg.
The strap tension is adjustable between 80 and 900 [N].
The strap is sealed by a high strength friction-weld seal.

General automation for stretch wrapping machine with packing operator requests

When the plastic bag is clamped the operator pushes a button to start the vacuum-welding sequence. During this cycle the operator checks the vacuum of the previous pallet, see 3.4.2.
• Vacuum cycle begins and when finished the vacuum tube retracts from the plastic bag.
• Welding bar closes and welding cycle begins.
• When sealing cycle is done: clamping bar and welding bar open and VW unit returns to its highest position, making room for the operator.
• Operator folds plastic bag.
• Operator adds cardboard sides.
• When done, operator requests next pallet and the cycle restarts. The pallet is transferred to the buffer position for the vacuum check.

3.4 Vacuum Check Buffer Position真空检查缓冲区
3.4.1 Build-up布局 
This buffer position is similar to the input and output buffers as described in sections 2.4, 3.2 and 3.6. Additional platform is foreseen.

3.4.2 Sequence顺序 
Following sequence is done by operator when the automatic vacuum-welding cycle occurs at the vacuum-welding unit.
• Operator checks if the plastic bag still has its vacuum. The check is similar to what is done now: operator checks visual if the plastic bag still sticks to the spools. If not, the vacuum is lost and there must be a puncture somewhere.
• Operator adds top piece cardboard box only when the plastic bag is not punctured.

General automation for stretch wrapping machine with proposal

Proposal X: 建议X:  
Total pallet length: 1100 [mm] 总托盘长度:1100(毫米)  
Roller conveyor length: 1400 [mm] 输送线长度:1400(毫米)
Position pallet detector: 1100mm from beginning conveyor
X[s]=(1400 – 1100)(毫米)/167(mm/s)=2[s]
3 Detail unit description详细分项描述
3.1 Supply unit (SU)供应区
A forklift is used to supply the pallets to the packing unit. Pallets are placed on this position. General specifications are listed in paragraph 2.4.

Additions to the standard conveyor are
• Protection fork lift
• System to guide/place the pallet in the middle of the rollers. Need a safety support to avoid the truck is damaging the conveyor while loading or unloading.
图3: example protection and guide frame supply unit防护和引导装置

When the automation detects a new pallet is supplied to the supply unit, it will wait for 10 [s]before transferring the pallet to the next buffer unit. This gives the forklift driver the time to safely supply the pallet to the supply unit.
The supply unit will indicate to the fork lift driver how full the input buffer is (e.g. light column indicating how many buffer positions are filled).

3.2 Input buffer (IB)输入缓冲区(IB)   
The buffer units are standard chain driven conveyors as described in 2.4.Each buffer conveyor has a pallet detection system (e.g. sender-receiver with reflector). The pallet is transported to the next position if the next position is free. The motor turns until the pallet is not detected anymore and the motor runs for another 2 seconds (see paragraph 2.4.4).
When the previous buffer position tries to transfer a pallet, the local buffer position also starts to rotate to assure a smooth transfer between the two positions.
The pallet is transferred from the last buffer conveyor to the Vacuum-Welding unit after confirmation by operator–see 3.3.

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An apparatus for stretch wrapping a load is provided, according to one aspect of the present invention of horizontal stretch wrapping machine. The apparatus contains a rotatable ring, a packaging materials dispenser for dispensing a film internet, the packaging fabric dispenser simply being attached to the rotatable ring and including an upstream pre-stretch roller and a downstream pre-stretch curler in just a pre-stretch assemblage, a generate device configured to turn the rotatable engagement ring, an input/productivity proportion handle set up to preserve a predetermined percentage of ring rotation pace to pre-stretch velocity during at the very least a principal portion of a wrapping routine, plus a final curler situated a predetermined extended distance from your downstream pre-stretch roller, the predetermined extended distance being in a way that no less than a part of your duration of film increasing between the downstream pre-extended curler along with the final curler acts to reduce variations in forces acting on the pre-stretched packaging substance mainly because it travels from the dispenser towards the stress.


An apparatus for stretch wrapping a load comprises a rotatable ring, a packaging material dispenser for dispensing a film web, the packaging material dispenser being mounted on the rotatable ring and including a pre-stretch assembly, a drive mechanism configured to rotate the rotatable ring, an input/output ratio control configured to maintain a predetermined ratio of ring rotation speed to pre-stretch speed during at least a primary portion of a wrapping cycle, and a virtual film accumulator configured to accommodate variations in film demand as the film is dispensed at the predetermined substantially constant length for each revolution, according to another aspect of the present invention of horizontal stretch wrapping machine.

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Traditionally, spinning band style wrappers have suffered from extreme packaging fabric smashes and limitations on the quantity of containment power applied to the burden (as established to some extent by the amount of pre-stretch applied) on account of erratic rate changes necessary to cover “no-sq .” tons, including thin, large tons, simple, broad tons, and brief, narrow loads. The no-square shape of this sort of loads frequently contributes to the availability of excessive packaging materials during the wrapping period, in the course of periods of time wherein the require level for packaging substance by the load is surpassed with the supply rate in the packaging fabric from the packaging substance dispenser. This can lead to freely packaged loads. Additionally, if the desire amount for packaging fabric from the fill is greater than the supply amount in the packaging materials by the packaging material dispenser, breakage of the packaging materials may arise.

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The passageway from the spot causes the power in the packaging materials to improve. This raise pressure is usually transferred to an electronic fill cell, spring-filled dancer interlocked by using a sensing indicates, or by rate switch to a torque handle gadget. Once the area is approved the pressure in the packaging materials lowers since the packaging substance require diminishes. This force or velocity is transferred straight back to some system that therefore decreases the packaging materials offer to try to keep up a fairly constant wrap force.

With all the at any time more quickly wrapping prices desired from the business, the rotation rates of speed of band stretch wrapper have increased considerably to a degree exactly where the thought of sensing need modify and changing supply rate has stopped being efficient. The wait of reply continues to be seen to get started to go away from stage with rotation at roughly 20 RPM. The exact response time for your turning mass of packaging fabric roll and rollers approximating 100 pounds have to change from increase to decelerate 8 periods for every revolution that at 20 RPM can be a shift more than every A sec.