How to choose a right stretch film

stretch film production

When you choose Stretch film, it is difference in varying gauges, colors, Pre-stretch ratio and applications. The main difference and key point for stretch films is in production: blown VS cast.
It is the basic to know the details how they are manufactured. Blown stretch film, or blown stretch wrap material is created by blowing heated resin out vertically into a bubble. The bubble is transformed into rolls through the cooling device by the surrounding air.
Cast stretch film, or cast stretch wrap is created by feeding a sheet of heated resin along a rolling path with automatic film counting and thickness checking rollers. After cooling the film through rolls that is winding into large rolls.
After you know how stretch wrap film is produced, what is the difference between cast and blown films. As a end user, what is the benefit of the stretch film features?
Blown film is higher in tough but it is less in puncture rate than cast. The different is occurs due to the different cooling process and cooling time which allows blown film to spread a long distance lines like in cast. Both Cast film and Blown film are able provide a higher level of cling. It sticks to itself easier.
Since blown film seen like no problem why most of end user choose cast film? In production, cast stretch wrap film has some device for clear, glossy finish allowing scanning technology, RFID to be used. It is better than hazy and dull blown. So that cast stretch film is much quieter than blown in unwinds process. And the cast machine also easier to control the gauge and stretch cast film.
Both films have their benefits and disadvantage, so how to choose the stretch film?
So, which stretch film fits your packaging requirement?
You’d better keep in mind include:
1. What kind of packing, by machine or by hand?
2. What type of wrapping machine is being used, pre-stretch or not?
3. What is the load need to be wrapped?
4. What is the loads specification?

Does your supplier ask you above questions and provide solutions based on your load specification?
If the answered is no, you’d better analytics your need or ask question contact with our engineer. Our engineer will ask you the above questions and some loading detail information. We will provide a free consultation about how much stretch film is costing you per application.
If you are purchasing films based on roll (the price per roll), you may cost more. Because of the higher price stretch film may cost lower for one load package.

Specification for stretch film


stretch wrap film
stretch wrapping film, LLDPE film

Performance machine stretch film

Thickness 37 45 50 60 70 75 80 90 115
Width 20’’ 30’’
Length 5000’ 6000’ 7000’ 9000’
Weight 26 35 37 38 55lbs
Core ID 3inch




Machine stretch film

Thickness 45 50 60 70 75 80 90 100 115 135 150
Width 20’’ 30’’
Length 3000’ 3500’ 5000’ 6000’ 7500’ 9000’
Weight 26 30 32 35 36 39 48 52 55lbs
Core ID 3inch



Wide machine stretch film

Thickness 80
Width 40’’ 50’’ 60’’ 70’’ 80’’
Length 5000’
Weight 64 80 96 112lbs
Core ID 3inch



Pre Stretched Machine Stretch Film

Thickness 50 55 60 70 80 90
Width 20’’ 30’’
Length 5000’ 6000’ 7000’ 8000’ 9000’
Weight 30 38 36 50 54lbs
Core ID 3inch



stretch film and wrapping material for pallet covering

stretch wrap film
stretch wrapping film, LLDPE film

Various stretch films are available from market today for pallet wrapping, bundle strapping, it works for covering diverse packages and and load. There is an important use of stretch films. It is to wrap pallets from top to bottom of stacked bag, box, bottles… In the stretch wrapping processes, a load is wrapped with several layers stretch film. The overlap substantial width and many kinds stretch wrapping techniques for doing film covering per packaging requirement.

The stretch film used for packing requirement is capable of holding the package and by maintaining the wrap film under good tension. It is passed around a wrap pallet.  Not only does the stretch wrap film adhesive to four sides of the load, but also remains under tension by shrink. It is tightly shrink the package against one another by overraping film on load. The shape corn is not good for stretch wrap film. For avoid this problem,the machine or applicator must be adjust the tension control in applying when covering such corners.

There are different color of the stretch films, such as transparent, black, blue. Or the printing logo on the surface.




stretch film Chinese manufacturer

Stretch film Chinese
Stretch film Chinese



1. All colors and sizes accessible from the manufacturer.

2. 100% PE unprocessed materials.

3. With RoHS and REACH certificate, Ice-cubes requirements.

4. Pre-stretch level 150-500Per cent

5. Thicknesses: 17Mic-50Mic

6. Widths: 3cm-180cm

7. Lengths: 100M-7000M

We could do any size you want.


(1) All of our components are completely pure LLDPE. So our quality could be guaranteed.

(2) Conserving handling and cost time

(3) Sophisticated equipment and technology

(4) Great ideals for safeguarding items from dirt, rust and moisture.

(5) Affordable components of unitizing

(6) No harmful to surroundings


The relative stretch film site

stretch film for steel wire coil packaging

stretch film and HDPE film for coil packaging

Here are our remarks for the packing station – I put them in as notes in your original document, so you can either write to notes or in the quote itself to answer us or however you wish.

We also got a definition of some packing material– see below – is it useable on the packing machine?

Also would you please send us some references to deliveries of your machine either to Bekaert or to other plants?

Another question is if you have any experience if the strand is warm (50°C for example), if it can be packed immediatelly – risk for condensation or corrosion?

Last question is whether such a stretch film, paper, packing machine can also pack PC wire coils (OD 2000mm, width 250mm) or this is done usually on different machine?

Thank you,

stretch film
stretch film, LLDPE FILM

Pre-stretch rate of the stretch film

stretch hood film
stretch hood film

Portion of Stretch film on the Fill: Here is the ultimate Per cent of stretch calculated in the load. A mixture of the % of

prestretch and also the amount push-to-load (secondarytension and stretch, and so forth). REMEMBER, minus the correct force-toload,

the ultimate dimension could be lower than what you are anticipating.

Possible solutions to not having the anticipated % of stretch on the load :

You might not be getting a genuine reading. When you make a single tag around the roll of stretch film, the label could be put on the stress

too soon and before all the proper settings are reached. Do you have a “legend wheel”? A legend wheel will continue to tag the

film because it rotates allowing you to measure afterwards inside the routine making sure all options have been achieved.

Ensure that you have adequate force-to-fill to keep the % of prestretch after the film foliage the carriage.

Check the “film pressure hold off” environment. Change to and see if that changes the % of stretch on the load. This establishing delays

the force-to-fill for X number of turntable revolutions. If established too high (too many turntable revolutions) it is feasible

the essential force-to-weight to retain the % of prestretch will not be becoming placed on the marks that reach the load.

Possessing completed the aforementioned and you may not have the expected % of stretch on the load using the wanted film with the appropriate

level of push-to-fill for your application, consider transforming the sprocket ratio to some higher prestretch percentage.

Stretch film for horizontal orbital wrapping machine

Dear Mr. Anthony,

How are you?

May I know have your purchased horizontal sealing and stretch wrapping machine for packing your timber packets by far? If not, is there any progress on this project?

Here are two pics of our horizontal wrapping machine with a sealing station which is good for packing your products. This machine can do bubble wrap/PE film wrap + stretch film wrap on one package. After packaging, the product can be protected very well from dust, water and other damages in storage or transpiration.

door orbital stretch wrapper
Door orbital stretch wrapper and horizontal wrapper

(Note: we can change the conveyor into chain conveyor as your required.)

We will hold this machine in our factory till this June. If you are still interested in this machine and want to see machine working, We warmly welcome you to come to our factory if possible.


May I know is there any progress on purchasing horizontal sealing and stretch wrapping machine for packing your doors/panels by stretch film and bubble film?
Here are two pics of our horizontal orbital wrapping machine with a sealing station which is good for packing your products. This machine can do bubble wrap/PE film wrap + stretch film wrap on one package. After packaging, the product can be protected very well from dust, water and other damages in storage or transpiration.
If you are interested in this stretch film packing machine, please feel free to contact us.

LLDPE Stretch film and shrink wrap film manufacuter

Automatic stretch wrapping machine

door packing machine

Assists in keeping shipments safe and sound

Shields your storage place stock from dirt, dust and moisture.

Self-adhering, higher-tensile-strength film clings to itself. No requirement to use adhesive tape or heat closing.

Made in the The far east

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Helps keep deliveries safe and sound

Protects your storage place supply from moisture, dirt and dust.

Personal-adhering, high-tensile-power film clings to by itself. No need to use tape or heat closing.

Made in the United statesA.

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