Automatic Ingots Strapping Machine

The strapping machine can replace the horizontal distance required to carry out the strapping of the bags at different locations, i.e., the packing at the fixed position stops.In order to make the machine out of line maintenance, strapping machine can provide advance and retreat movement. A vertical or horizontal movement in which the strapping is carried out. The strapping machine is designed for horizontal and vertical strapping of ingots of different sizes and weights. Strapping can be made of steel or polyester tape with a width from 16mm to 32mm. Fhopepack strapping machines can be equipped with 3 sealing systems, connectors, slotting and TIG welding. Choose the best according to the application specifications and customer requirements. The stack is gradually pushed high spindle automatic built from assembly conveyor, rotating 90 degrees in a deposition on the level of fixed support rails a walking beam conveyor component. This action comes with a built-in line adjustment device and a 60 ton stack that produces tension, high aspect quality visual stacks. The ingot stack is tightly strapped to the automatic strapping machine and goes into stack times; stacks are stacked in pairs to load the magazine conveyor. Stacked fork forklift movement and storage areas. High ingot quality is achieved by automatic casting control and robot scum skimming. This provides the basis for minimum weight change for the tight rule stack. The utility model reduces the labor cost, improves the occupational health and safety, and maintains the surface of the slag free steel ingot.

Automatic Ingots Strapping Machine

Automatic Pallet Packing Line and Strapping Machine

The best packaging equipment, Fhope, is heavy, bulky bags, automatic strapping machines that make your packaging work easier than ever. This low-cost automated packaging machine has greatly improved production efficiency with its superior competitive edge.
Adapt to a wide range of product sizes, effectively enabling strapping safety processes to be faster and maximizing your production capacity and labor force. Generally used in polypropylene band in the belt width range, this automatic strapping system can be applied to 440mm high, low mesa advantages of heavy objects, it is perfectly adapted to product weight. The special design of the online system, connected to the conveyor roller table, has its own power to a-93lar transit, providing fully automated strapping solutions to meet your packaging needs.
High quality, durable, low mesa automatic strapping machine, including bottom heat seal components, with maximum sealing efficiency. The system has a number of optional functions, including automatic feeding and feeding system, loop ejector and short feed inspection device, which adds optional functions and improves strapping performance and user friendliness.
The most reliable strapping equipment provides valuable packaging solutions for your general operation.
To improve your productivity extensively, to provide our customers with low-cost automation, Fhopepack makes it easier for you to pack your work and have an exceptional competitive advantage. Adapt to a wide range of product sizes, effectively enabling strapping safety processes to maximize your production speed. Applied to polypropylene belt, wide shoulder strap width, automatic strapping can be applied to general industrial use, with its advantages of conveying table top, integrated in your feed, existing conveyor and conveyor.
This high quality desktop automatic power roller drive strapping machine contains the highest seal efficiency of the bottom heat seal components.

Automatic Pallet Packing Line and Strapping Machine 

horizontal stretch wrapper with bubble film and strapping machine

Maybe we went a bit large on the dimensions and the horizontal stretch wrapper machine below is not exactly what we are looking for.

Max dimensions – 1200 W x 800 H x 2400 L mm
Min. dimensions – 200 W x 100 H x 600 L mm
Most common sizes – 1000 W x 250 H x 2200 L mm (doors)
1000 W x 300 H x 2200 L mm (cabinets)
Power supply – 230V

The aerothene film using at the moment is 1250 mm wide and all packing is done manually.

Learning fro your size, it need a special solution per you packaging requirement.

Since the width1500 x height 1500 the ring have to upto2350mm

For the bobble film convering, the there is need the bobble film upto 2500mm.

And the film sealer length upto 2600mm.

According my experience the price will upto $66,00.

Do you think it is ok for your packing goal?

automatic strapping machine for panel packaging.


Automatic Strapping machine manufacturer





Name of Machine


A/U Qty Rate FOB Freight
(a) (b) (c) (d) (e) (f) (g)
Head Turning, Mouth Finish Trimming  & Sieving Machine for 7.62 x 39 Cartridge Cases or Equivalent


  1. Use:

         This machine is used to head and mouth finish-trimming & sieving 7.62 ´ 39 cartridge cases.


  1. Operation Principle:

         Semi-finished cartridge cases are put in the hopper. Automatically oriented cases fed one by one to the station by feed device for heading and mouth trimming. Processed cases are pushed by ejection device to the chute. Chips and cases are separated through sieving.


  1. Technical Data:


S/N Item Unit Data
1 Head stock speed rpm 2180
2 Punch Stroke mm ~ 81
3 Ejection punch stroke mm ~ 72
4 Max. stroke of tool rest Heading mm ~ 12
Mouth trimming mm ~ 13
5 MOTOR Head stock Power KW 0.75
Speed rpm 1390
Distributor Power KW 11
Speed rpm 910
6 Hopper motor Power KW 0.37
Speed rpm 40 ~ 200
7 Productivity pcs/min ~ 80
8 Overall dimension (L´W´H) mm 1490 ´ 1010 ´ 1580
9 Weight kg ~ 2200


D.    Country of Origin : Any Country


  1. List of Tools:


S/N Name Unit Qty
1 Delivering punch staff 30 Drawing/ Sample will be Provided as required
2 Delivering punch head 80
3 Pad 20
4 Nut 40
5 Sleeve 50
6 Free wheel 20
7 Bearing 35
8 Head turning 50
9 Tool axle 15
10 Gasket 15
11 Nut 35
12 Trimming tool 100
13 Roller 5
Nos 02


Automatic strapping machine manufacturer

As a professional manufacturer,  we were providing automatic strapping machine packaging solution for coil objetct since from 1998.

Nous faisons des affaires sur Alibaba qui a beaucoup de grands services pour nous aider facilement l’exportation. Mais ne signifie pas que ce que nous sommes une société commerciale.

Comme un fabricant professionnel, nous fournissions une solution d’emballage pour objetct bobine depuis de 1998.

Nous avons notre disiging, la production, l’installation, la mise en service, après l’équipe de service.

La solution personnalisée offerte pour vous seulement tête de cerclage est l’achat de notre coopeartor.
Suite est une solution sur mesure pour référence.

Bienvenue à la visite de notre usine.
Ou vous pouvez demander à un tiers de vérifier notre capacité.
Le voir pour le croire.

We do business on Alibaba that has many great service to help us easy the export. But not mean’s we are trading company.
As a professional manufacturer,  we were providing automatic strapping machine packaging solution for coil objetct since from 1998.
We have our disiging, production, installation, commissioning, after service team.
The customized solution offered for you only strapping head is purchase from our coopeartor.
Following is some customized solution for reference.

Strapping machine with spiral orbital wrapper

Panel strapping machine with orbital stretch wrapper
Panel strapping machine with orbital stretch wrapper


Dear Mariaelena Garcia,

We have updated our predesign for you. As the load of maximum 300kg load, our engineer think the height -250mm of the conveyor is available. So please check the attached drawing and explanation for spiral orbirtal wrapper.
Here are our answers for you:

1)How we will place the pallets into the conveyor? Since we are transporting the material by hand lift truck, believe we will need to have a platform, or” ramp” right before the conveyor , to climb the pallets . Your ideas or suggestion will be appreciated.
We think a easy solution is making grooves in the conveyors. Just push the fork into the grooves. See the explanation.

2)Your engineer must take in consideration that the conveyor in each side should be maximum 3 MT ( just as the drawing). See the drawing.

3)The maximum distance from the floor we require is 20-25 cm (the reason is the use of a manual lift truck ). See the drawing.

If you have any questions for automatic strapping machine, please let me know. Thanks.

orbital stretch wrapping machine & strapping machine for MDF Panel



Automatic Strapping machine
Automatic Strapping machine
Automatic Strapping machine
Automatic Strapping machine
PET strapping machine
PET strapping machine for pane


Many thanks for your answer and for the information.

Although they have decided to postpone the project, do you know if they have analyzed the offer? Do you receive their feedback about the technical and commercial aspects of the offer?

Your answer will be highly appreciated.


Dear Xabier,

We heard from our customer that the project was delayed. If there is any development, we will get back to you.

Kind regards,


Dear Alfred,

Have you got any development in the project for MDF panels? When do you expect you can take a decision about the strapping machine?

Best regards,


Dear Mr. Xabier,

Thanks for your talk with me. I am sorry I was at the workshop when you were calling me. I cannot hear you clearly. I mistook you as our another customer.

I am sorry. Actually we are still working on it with our customer. We will take our final decision according to the project situation.

We are also very busy these days. Thanks for your help.

Your sincerely,


Dear Mr. Alfred,

According to the conversation we had by telephone you told me that next week, on Monday, you will send me the contract for the automatic strapping machine. Is that correct?

Best regards,


Dear Mr. Alfred,

First of all sorry for delay sending the offer but we are very busy during these days.

Attach to this e-mail I send the offer 1227/16 for the supply of #1 Automatic Strapping Machine for PET strap with introduction of wood battens, cardboards and strapping table with rotary system. To elaborate the offer we take into account all your specifications mentioned by e-mail. Also with the offer I send the drawings of the offered solution.

If you have any question about the submitted offer, please feel free to contact with us.


Para: x.artieda
CC: talleres; vincent
Asunto: Re: RE: strapping machine for MDF Panel

Dear Mr. Xabier,

How are you! Could you tell me the estimated cost of this machine first? Many thanks.

Kind regards,


Subject: RE: RE: strapping machine for MDF Panel

Dear Alfred,

Many thanks for your prompt reply. We have all the information in order to proceed with offer.

Please be patient with the offer, during these weeks we have many commitments, but as soon as we prepare the offer we will send it to you.

Best regards,


Dear Xabier,

Thanks for your quick response. The following is our reply:

· How is the MDF panel placed in the strapping position and how is evacuated?

The product is delivered to the packing line auomatically using conveyors.

· Does the strapping machine need to be movable and the package is in a fix position or the package is movable and the strapping machine is in a position?

We prefer movable package and the strapping machine in a position.

· They require PET strap, but which size of strap (16, 19, 25, 32mm)?

Strap width : 16 – 19 mm Thickness : 0.8 to 1.3 mm

· Which is the production flow of the customer (Package/hour)?

Strapping speed (packing) : 25 to 30 packages per hour

· Maxium weight of package

Weight of packages : Range from 600 kgs. to 2.400 kgs.

If you have any questions, please let me know. Thanks.


Dear Alfred,

Many thanks for sending a new inquiry.

Yes, we have an automatic strapping machine for MDF panel that can meet with the requirement of the customer. But in order to elaborate the offer I need the following information:

  • How is the MDF panel placed in the strapping position and how is evacuated?
  • Does the strapping machine need to be movable and the package is in a fix position or the package is movable and the strapping machine is in a position?
  • They require PET strap, but which size of strap (16, 19, 25, 32mm)?
  • Which is the production flow of the customer (Package/hour)?

Awaiting to your kind reply.

Best regards,


Dear Sir,

How are you! We are now looking for a kind of automatic stretch wrapper & strapping machine for one customer.

Strap material : PET


MDF Panel Size:
Length= 2440 mm
Width=1220, 1530, 1830 and 2150 mm

See the attachement for details. Do you have some machine to meet the needs?

Kind regards,



Automatic steel tube bundle strapping machine


Glad to receive your inquiry about battery powered manual plastic stapping tool this morning. For this strapping tool, it can be strapped with 13~16mm or 13~19mm plastic belt.
Strap tension is 400-2000N. Price of this strapping tools is USD2,065/set (RMB13,800/SEST). When dispatch, it is equiped with two baterrys and a battery charger.
The battery also can be sell, its price is USD98/PCS. Delivery time of this steel tube strapping machine tool is 5 working days.
Detail technical data of this strapping tool is as below:
Which size of plastic belt do you want to use?

Detail technical data of this tool is as below:

steel tube bundling and strapping machine
Steel tube packaging line with strapping machine
Thanks for your email very much. I am sorry that this supplier does not export tapes directly. I have checked the price of these tapes:
Thickness:0.06mm, 2.96USD/kg, MOQ: 2000KG, High Viscosity
Thickness:0.11mm, 2.73USD/kg, MOQ: 2000KG, Middle Viscosity
Thickness:0.13mm, 2.96USD/kg, MOQ: 2000KG, High Viscosity (with logo print)

automatica copper coil strapping machine

Fhopepack providing automatic coil strapping system for copper coil, steel coil, aluminum coil by PET and steel belt. It designed with turning table for 3 or 4 straps packaging which is able online strapping and wrapping.


There are different solution both semiauto and automatic handling way to do no man operation.


The strapping system including hydraulic station, PLC and HMI program control.


The technical team developed and bring a coil delivery device to coil which is a complex process for packaging that figuring out the coil manufacturing process.You can selecting the right packaging strapping solution to ensure coil coil well protected. It is protect and remain correctly positioned for strapping.


Conveyor with coil tilter for handling


coil tilter,upender

coil upender,coil tilter

Mould Tilter & Upender

Coil Tilter& Upender
  upender tilter,upender

Coil Upender/tilter

Spool/Drum Tilter

hydraulic upender

coil tilter,upender

Hydraulic Upender/Tilter

Load Inverters



Unit attributes the exclusive heavy-obligation Flo-Grasp breaker bar bulk bagging machine system to promote content circulation. A discharge spout closure system swiftly halts content flow for partial bag discharge, enabling bag to be retied and removed. Device contains the unique 316 stainless steel Seal-Master round bag spout accessibility chamber with gull wing doors for straightforward operator access. Device functions a stainless metal spout clamping program for dust-tight material discharge, and a 316 stainless metal discharge changeover with entry hatch, flanged screen, and a flanged dust take off. Method contains pneumatic piping utilizing 304 stainless metal rigid air lines.
First conveyors transportation the product on a slight incline with curve then more than energy transfers, transitions, and a item turner. The item turner can rotate bags as needed, or can be adjusted for straight working product, depending on the customer’s requirements.

The item then travels via a checkweigher and steel detection program that Multi-Conveyor in coil tilter and handling equipment has integrated into the line. The Fhopepack’s seal packing machine  go via a compression belt to distribute item evenly for stacking and packing reasons. A retractable noser, complete with servo driven prolong and retract for discharge, carefully releases the flexible baggage onto a lower belt touring at a proper angle. The reduced belt has adjustable, multi-lane dividers that can be established up to handle both two or four lanes of product.

Multi-Conveyor gives all controls including touchscreen functionality, variable frequency drives , servo drives and other gadgets as necessary although using UL outlined components, NEMA four enclosures and lodging as required.

automatic steel tube packing machine, pipe packing machine
automatic steel tube packing machine, pipe packing machine

Totally immediately, it will compile the required pack at the proper time and amount. Thanks to its modular style, the changeover among distinct kinds of packs is done within minutes. With a rated speed of up to 52,000 containers/hr., the Varioline inserts free containers in multipacks and wraparound cartons.